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WordPress Theme Architectures

Aquila Framework

Aquila Framework v4.x latest build 4.4.1

The Aquila framework is our latest and most robust wordpress theme framework. All of WordPress themes launched since August 2013 are built using this mobile responsive framework. Our "Aquila" WordPress theme Framework was built completely from the ground up to take advantage of the Twitter Bootstrap responsive framework used in these themes.

Aquila expands on the functionality of previous versions (Taurus, Phoenix, and Orion), however the biggest changes are to do with the increasing importance of the mobile web. The most notable changes are the dashboard for managing your columns in different layouts, and a much greater flexibility of where you can place your widgets.

More than ever before, this framework allows for much more flexible control of their website. This is a powerhouse framework.

Orion Framework

Orion Framework v3.0

All of our WordPress themes launched prior to August 2013 are built on the Orion Framework. Our "Orion" WordPress Framework was built with years of experience by our programmers.

This particular framework expands on previous versions (Taurus & Phoenix), with most notable changes being the ability to "Update" directly from the Dashboard, unlimited widget regions, multiple drop down menus, as well as unique image sets for the image sliders across multiple pages.

The benefits of this new framework enable the end user to have more control of their website than ever before.

3rd and 4th Generation Architecture

Exclusive to i3dTHEMES, the Orion and Aquila WordPress Theme architectures provides you a highly refined structure of validated, search engine optimized code.

Latest Coding Standards

The future of the web is here with HTML5 and CSS3. Our latest generation wordpress themes are coded with the HTML5 symantec markup.

Mobile and Responsive

The web is has gone mobile, and so have our WordPress Themes. Tested in iPad/iPad Mini, as well as ready for all shapes and sizes of mobile devices, our themes will have you ready for the mobile revolution.

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Denmark FD
Denmark FD
I love this template. i3dTHEMES are the best. I have another company and just doing another i3dTHEMES template. Awesome, thanks, Wolf
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