WordPress Plugin Review: CAPTCHA Pro by BestWebSoft

Now, I’m not one to endorse a third party all that often.  I’d rather write my own code, and endorse MYSELF!  That’s the proud coder in my speaking.

But that said, I wanted something that worked, and didn’t have time to write a “skill testing question” captcha solution for the comments section and login box for the back end of wordpress.

I had installed the free CAPTCHA solution from Best Web Soft in my wife’s site, and a couple of others, over the last month.    Spambots were driving me INSANE, and I didn’t want to activate the Akismet plugin (call me cheap).

Well, the CAPTCHA plugin from BWS was the best zero dollars I ever spent.

And then I went and installed BuddyPress for our own forum here at i3dTHEMES.com — good grief, within hours of it going up (without any incoming links), I had spammers signing up and creating profiles with links back to their own site.

Do the people that set up these spam bots have nothing BETTER to do with their time?   Ugh.  I guess the answer is it helps them, so it must be worth the time and effort.

In any case, I didn’t want them on my site.  And I thought, hey, lets get this CAPTCHA solution from BWS working on in BuddyPress and bbPress.  Turns out, that extension is a part of their Pro version.

Seriously, I didn’t hesitate on the $9.95 price tag.  Ten bucks to save a huge headache?  Probably less than the extra large bottle of Tylenol I’d need to get from the local drug store if I didn’t get these spammers dealt with.

Took less than a minute via their checkout and VOI-freakin-LA, it’s installed.

And I didn’t have to swallow a pill, just a $10 charge to my CC.

Thanks BWS (no affiliation WHAT-so-ever).