WordPress Themes Framework 4.4.x Now Available

We’ve made some great strides the last couple of months with our WordPress Framework.  We’re stoked to announce that 4.4.x is now available for those running an update, and those downloading direct from your product download page.

What’s in 4.4.x ?

In 4.3.x, we focused on a brand new Layout Editor that enabled you to manage and create new layouts yourself.  4.4.x is geared on the dashboard redesign, along with general improvements.

Simplification of the Installation Routine

You can now choose what items you want initialized.  The initialization sequence takes just a few seconds, and then you can choose what items (Pages, Posts, Special Components, Custom Post Types) are activated or created.

Dashboard Refinement

You’ll notice that the dashboard has been changed around a bit.  There is a new tab for “initialization”, and the home page is cleaned up, no longer showcasing the theme.

Migration of Plugin Realm Code to a Theme Extender Plugin

We went this route in 4.2.x however we had some hiccups along the way, so we backed off.  Well, we’ve seen the light, and have started migrating code for custom post types, and some special components, to an auxiliary plugin.  This plugin will not be included in the 4.4.x download, however we are planning on making it available in subsequent versions.  We want to get it right.  The goal is to provide functionality that you can later migrate to a different theme.

General Improvements

FAQs are now orderable (why we didn’t do this when the other custom post types were created, I don’t know).  There are improvements to code formatting, as well as validation of the WordPress theme and framework code through the WordPress Theme Check plugin.

Looking Forward

4.4.x is going to focus on the refinement of the layout of the back end functionality, as well as the addition of new functionality for some of the special components.

We also have plans for new sliders to go with some of our newer designs that we’re aching to get into the WordPress catalog.  We’re hoping to have at least 5 new designs into the WordPress catalog by January 1st.