WordPress 4.2.? Causes Aquila Framework Blog Layout Settings To Disappear

Thanks WordPress!  It seems that with one of the more recent versions of WordPress (I suspect 4.2.2), the ability to have a conventional template applied to the page that the blog is assigned to was removed.  Argh!

So, it turns out that our brand new Layout Editor with version 4.3 of our WordPress Theme Framework, that we launched earlier today for Onyx, FIXES this problem.  Or more to the point, it skirts around the issue by not using conventional page templates.  Instead, we use a new dynamic template system.

Unfortunately, for older Aquila framework themes that use conventional page templates, you’ll have to wait several weeks before we convert your theme over to the new framework.

In the meantime, there is something you can do to manage your blog settings in the meantime.  Please see my video here: