Numo Accelerator - Google PageSpeed Optimzation Made Easy

Accelerator makes Google PageSpeed Optimization easy.

Accelerator Website Plugin

This server-side application enables you to easily boost your Google PageSpeed score by automatically implementing site-wide technology that improves page load and render times.

  • Minification of HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Deferal of Render Blocking Resources
  • Automatic Creation of Critical Above-The-Fold CSS
  • Automatic Image Optimization via the TinyPNG API
  • Easy Enabling of Server-Side Compression and Browser Caching Mechanisms
With Accelerator, finally, Google PageSpeed optimization becomes easy.
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Automatic Deferral of Render Blocking Resources

If done manually, by hand, deferral of render-blocking resources, such as CSS and Javascript, can be technically difficult to implement, not to mention time consuming.

Accelerator automatically defers all CSS and Javascript to the end of your web pages, automatically, and instantly. It really couldn't be easier.

Automatic Detection and Insertion of Critical Above-The-Fold CSS

Probably the biggest challenge of deferring render-blocking CSS to the bottom of your web pages, is that you get a "Flash of Unstyled Content" (FOUC). But not with Accelerator! Accelerator automatically evaulates each page in your site and calculates the required CSS to render above-the-fold content, and inserts it into your pages, so that your visitor does not get the FOUC, while your deferred CSS resources load. So awesome!

Automatic Minification of Code

You dramaticalyl reduce the size of your HTML, CSS, and Javascript files by Minifying them. The trouble with doing this manually by hand is that every time you make an update, to your master code files, yo have to re-minify them and re-upload the minified document to the server. This takes time. But not with Accelerator. Accelerator auto-minfies your web pages and supporting resources, automatically, and on the fly. So you never have to worry about keeping two separate copies (working and minified) of your website again.

GZIP Compression

One way to speed up the transfer of your files between server and web browser is to enable GZIP compression. Not all servers have this enabled by default. Accelerator enables, if it is a feature of your web server, the GZIP compression functionality, to speed up the loading of your web pages.

Leverage Browser Caching

A fantastic mechanism to speed up the loading of your web pages, as well as save on bandwidth, is to leverage browser caching on resources such as Javascript, CSS, and Images. Accelerator automatically enables this server-side feature for you.

Image Optimization

One one the biggest factors to speeding up your website is to optimize and compress your images. But, to do this manually can be a tedious task. Accelerator saves you the headache, and provides an interface mechanism to the TinyPNG Image Optimization API.

With TinyPNG connected to Accelerator, your images are automatically compressed for you.

Site Speed Scan

Accelerator connects with the Google PageSpeed API to scan your pages to give you a score for every page, including a "benchmark" score of what you page would get if Accelerator were disabled. Scan your entire site with a click of a single button, or re-scan individual pages as you wish. Getting an idea of how your entire site scores with Google PageSpeed has never been easier.

Secured Administration Dashboard

Manage your Accelerator features through a web based dashboard, secured by your username and password.

You can enable additional, optional, functionality of CAPTCHA, and bad login attempt lockdown for additional security. The administrative area can also be forced to use your SSL certificate for the highest level of security.

System Updates

Getting the latest version of the system has never been easier. Through the administrative area, you can see what updates have been made, and also fetch the latest files to be applied to your system. Free updates for the duration of your basic support life-cycle (1 year, but can be extended).

Server Requirements

Accelerator has the following system requirements:

  • Unix/Linux Web Hosting Platform
  • Running the Apache web server
  • With PHP 5+, and MySQL 5+
  • Not compatible with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or Microsoft FrontPage Extensions

If you do not yet have web hosting, and need such an environment, we provide affordable web hosting plans that meet these requirements.

Software Requirements

The Accelerator website plugin is a server-side application and does not need software on your local PC or MAC to run. To install the system to your web server, you will have two options:

  1. Use our web-based installer via your web browser


  2. Manually install using an FTP progam such as FileZilla, FTP Voyager, or Adobe Dreamweaver (PC or MAC). Microsoft Windows website editors (such as SharePoint or Expression Web) will not transfer certain essential files, so we recommend a dedicated FTP client such as FileZilla if you are using a MS web editor.

If for whatever reason you have trouble installing the website plugin to your web hosting space, we can install the software for you. Configuring the system will still be your responsibility.

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