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About the Help Desk Plugin

How the Website Plugins Work

Help Desk Website Plugin

Enable your visitors contact you via your Support Ticket System with our Help Desk app.

Manage support queries, and reply to your customers with this advanced version of the Form Handler.

The Help Desk system will give you the ability to receive and respond to sales/support queries online.

  • Initiate.
    Initiate a new message thread to a user their their accounts page.
  • Up to 30 field options.
    Two fields are added automatically to your sales/support forms. You can also create additional fields in your help desk to ask questions, or provide information to your visitors.
  • Response Notification.
    When a visitor submits a response you can have a notification sent to one or more email addresses. This notification can contain a copy of the response if you wish.
  • Confirmation page.
    When a visitor submits a response you can either have a text message displayed or redirect the visitor to a specific page in your website.

Secured Administration Dashboard

Manage your Help Desk features through a web based dashboard, secured by your username and password.

You can enable additional, optional, functionality of CAPTCHA, and bad login attempt lockdown for additional security. The administrative area can also be forced to use your SSL certificate for the highest level of security.

Sub Administrator Accounts

In addition to the Super Administrator account, you can also create sub-administrator accounts that only have access to specific parts of your administrative area. This is often helpful if you want to delegate the management of basic adminstrative duties, but not give out the "keys to the kingdom".

Self or Closed Registration

Through the account user groups area, you can specify if you want each user group to allow self registration. This can be helpful if you want users to sign up for access, which you would then later upgrade them to a higher level account.

User Login

Place a login box component in your sidebar, or in the middle of your page. You can now specify a landing page for each user group to be sent to once the user logs in, regardless of which page the login box is on.

Configurable Syntax

Many of the buttons, menu items, and labels, are all configurable through our Syntax Configuration panel. Don't want to use the word "Login"? No problem, change it to whatever you like.

System Updates

Getting the latest version of the system has never been easier. Through the administrative area, you can see what updates have been made, and also fetch the latest files to be applied to your system. Free updates for the duration of your basic support life-cycle (1 year, but can be extended).

Server Requirements

As with all of our website plugins, the Help Desk system requires the following:

  • Unix/Linux Web Hosting Platform
  • Running the Apache web server
  • With PHP 5+, and MySQL 5+
  • Not compatible with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or Microsoft FrontPage Extensions
  • or
  • Windows Web Hosting Platform NEW
  • Running the IIS or Apache web server
  • With PHP 5+, and MySQL 5+
  • Not compatible with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or Microsoft FrontPage Extensions

If you do not yet have web hosting, and need such an environment, we provide affordable web hosting plans that meet these requirements.

Software Requirements

The Help Desk website plugin is a server-side application and does not need software on your local PC or MAC to run. To install the system to your web server, you will have two options:

  1. Use our web-based installer via your web browser


  2. Manually install using an FTP progam such as FileZilla, FTP Voyager, or Adobe Dreamweaver (PC or MAC). Microsoft Windows website editors (such as SharePoint or Expression Web) will not transfer certain essential files, so we recommend a dedicated FTP client such as FileZilla if you are using a MS web editor.

If for whatever reason you have trouble installing the website plugin to your web hosting space, we can install the software for you. Configuring the system will still be your responsibility.

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