Using Website Plugins to Make Your Website More Functional

I was excited, to say the least, to do our very first Facebook Live webcast this week.  Every week, for the next three months, or so, I am going to be sharing tips and features on our suite of website plugins, and how these enhancements can make your website much more functional.

Enhancing Your Website with Website Plugins

If you’re not already familiar with our website plugin line of products, check out the video below.  In the video, I talk about what the plugins are and how they work:

We’re going to be doing live videos every Wednesday at 1pm Pacific through September, October, and half way through November.  We will cover one of our twelve different website plugins each week.

The format of the video cast is much like if you called in with a question to our sales line asking “Hey, can you tell me more about your website plugins?”

And, coming in November, we’re hoping to also talk about a couple of brand new website plugins!  We may drop tid-bits of hints throughout our video series.  Be sure to tune in!

If you don’t already subscribe to our Facebook page, we invite you to join the community.  Stay on top of the latest of how our products can help you and your website.

Next week, be sure tune in for our Facebook Live broadcast on our Access Control website enhancement!