Website Launch Checklist - Week 9 - Enhanced Functionality

Website Launch Checklist – Week 9 – Enhanced Functionality

In our ninth week of our mini-checklists designed to help website developers and do-it-yourself website-operators, we are going to focus on enhanced functionality.

#10: Live Chat Enabled

Using a live chat application to connect with your potential customers is extremely easy.  We’ve used tried a number of different solutions, from ChatWoo (when it was called Crafty Syntax) to, more recently, LiveChat.

When looking around at using a chat application, see that there is a plan that allows you the features you need.  What was important to us with what we currently, was that there was both a smart-phone app, as well as a desktop program that could run in the background.

#09: Public Calendar Populated with Events

There are a number of different calendar applications available out there.  From the Google Calendar

to the Numo Calendar that we offer.  Whichever route you go, make sure that if you have it live on your website, that it is updated with current events before you go live.

If your calendar is blank, your visitors will think that your website is out of date or that your business or organization is closed.

#08: Newsletter Subscribe Box in Place

If you want to grow your business, you should be creating a subscriber list that you can send regular newsletters out to.  Numo Newsletter, Constant Contact, and MailChimp are just some of the options available to website operators today.

Be sure that a subscribe box is in place prior to launch, so that visitors can opt-in for updates on your awesome product or service.

#07: Checkout Connected and Tested

So you’ve populated your shopping cart with categories and products.  All that’s left now is to make sure you CAN actually checkout.

Ensure that you’ve connected your PayPal based Numo Shopping Cart, or WooCommerce wordpress ecommerce system to your payment gateway.

#06: Secret Pages Restricted with Access Control

Controlling access, with a username and password, to restricted content is one of those high end functionalities that is often very difficult to incorporate into a typical website without investing thousands of dollars.

Numo Access Control is an option to restrict access to your website pages that can be installed in just minutes and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.