Website Launch Checklist Week 6 Branding

Website Launch Checklist – Week 6 – Branding

In our sixth week of our mini-checklists designed to help website developers and do-it-yourself website-operators, we are going to focus on your the branding of your website.

#25: Distinctive Logo or Website Name Icon Used

If you have the ability to use a distinctive graphic logo that represents your brand, awesome!  Use it!  And use it everywhere.

There are web based logo maker services out there, that use a limited set of icons mixed with text to come up with a “logo”.  If you have a bit of a budget available, it may be worth it to get a professionally designed logo.  You can also look to “Fiverr” to see if there are logos there hat suite your style.

And, if your budget does not allow for any graphic logo, then at the very least use a vector icon (such as a FontAwesome icon) that precedes your Website Name.

#24: Favicon Matches Logo

Consistency is key here — it is very easy to use a .png file now as your “favicon”.  In fact, you should have multiple versions for all the different platforms now.  You can use Favic-o-matic to generate your icons from an uploaded PNG graphic.   In fact, Favic-o-matic even generates the HTML for you to insert into your site.

#23: Website Colors Match Logo

Often, you don’t settle on a logo until late in the process.  But when you finally have your website logo settled on, this is when you should see about having the colors of the website matched.  This can be as simple as making text headings, or menu buttons colored, or as complex as completely colorizing any background graphics.

Often it is best to have the designer of the original website design (if you are using a website template) do the colorization for you as they would be the most familiar with all of the nuances of the design that need changing.

#22: Social Media Pages use Same Branding

The branding of your social media pages is often an overlooked item, because it isn’t immediately a part of your website.  But this step is extremely important for your web presence.

Your visitors will check out your social media pages, and will expect that the background image, logo, and verbiage  matches your website.

Spend the half an hour, per social media platform, to make your branding consistent!

#21: Contact Emails are Consistent With Your Domain

If you provide your email address on your contact page, you absolutely MUST have use an email address.  Do not use generic email providers such as or  Using an email address that is not indicates that are a small time single operator and does not inspire trust or confidence in your brand.