website launch checklist week 3

Website Launch Checklist – Week 3 – Images

In our third week of our mini-checklists designed to help website developers and do-it-yourself website-operators, we are going to focus your visual content: images.

#40: Visually Stunning Images Used in Slider

You only have three seconds to capture the attention of your visitor, and keep the engaged.  If you have a “ho-hum” image as your primary slider image, chances are you’re going to lose their attention.  Make sure you are using visually stunning images for your home page slider.

#44: Video/Animated Images used Where Relevant

By 2020, over 80% of the traffic on the web will be used by VIDEO.  More and more websites are going to be engaging with their visitors with video.  You should consider having video on your home page.  Animated images (such as animated GIFs) can be used tastefully as a placeholder or trigger for a user to click on an actual video.  Video and animated images can be used to up your engagement factor.

#43: Image Sprites Used

Image sprites can help to reduce the load time of your web page if used properly.  If it is appropriate for your website, you should consider using them.

#42: Images are HD/Retina Display Ready

With the advent of the retina or high-definition display, there has been a push to have an alternate image load for those displays that can support a higher resolution image.  A warning, however: using many higher resolution images on your page can cause your page to load slower.

#41: Images Optimized and Load FAST

All of your images should be optimized first for dimension, and then for quality.  Make sure that you size your images to the size that is used on your web page.  It is important not to upload a 4000×2000 pixel image (which can be several megabytes in size) when all you need is a 400×200 px image.  Once your images sized correctly, optimize them using a compression tool such as

Stay tuned for more tips in the coming weeks!