Website Launch Checklist - Week 2

Website Launch Checklist – Week 2 – Standard Content

In our second week of our mini-checklists designed to help website developers and do-it-yourself website-operators, we are going to focus on standard content.

#45: “About Us” Page

If you don’t have a great “About Us” page, why should your visitors deal with you, or purchase your item, or use your service?  The “About Us” page should be considered a sales page, telling your visitors what it is that you do for them, and why working with you will make their lives better.

#44: “Contact Us” Page or Contact Form

Many visitors will not work with a company if there is no way to get in touch with someone.  You absolutely must provide a means for contacting you, at the very least a contact from (either on your home page, or on a “Contact Us” page).  An email, mailing address, as well as a phone number are all great options.  The more ways to contact you, the more your visitors are going to feel confident about dealing with you.

#43: “Privacy Policy” Page

You need to inform your visitors how you will use any information they provide to you, either by way of filling in a form, purchasing an item, or by even just visiting the website (by way of cookie tracking).  If you don’t have a privacy policy posted, your visitors may think of you as a shady organization only interested in selling their personal information.

#42: A Working “404” Page

Different from a server-default “Page Can Not Be Found” page, you should have a working 404 page which displays a list of optional other pages, in the event that the visitor came to a page that doesn’t exist.  If you don’t have one of these pages, it is seen as unprofessional.  By using a proper 404 page, you are using an “oops” to turn it into a possible “success” by giving the end user options.

#41: (Optional) “Blog” Set Up

Not all websites lend themselves to using a blog.  However, if you are into sales, services, or any time of website that may have content that can be shared, it is vitally important that you set up a blog so that you can engage your visitors with helpful information and news on a regular basis.  Do not discount having a blog!!  Having regular, meaningful content posted to your website, that is then later re-syndicated to your other social media channels, is incredibly important to your success when it comes to engaging your community.

Stay tuned for more tips in the coming weeks!