Webmaster Tip: Web Analytics

One of the most surprising things that we find when we do website content transfers, is that only 5% of sites are previously set up with any sort of Analytics package.

This is absolutely shocking!

It is SO easy  and SO important to set up.

And regardless of what type of website you have, you absolutely should be putting some sort of analytics package into your pages.


Well, you may not think that you need to know right at this moment what your bounce rate is, or where people are enter and leaving your site from.  But what about in six months?  Or a year?

If suddenly you need to know whether a change that you’ve made to your home page is causing people to stay, or stay on the page longer, you need to have data and history to compare against.

You simply cannot make an qualified decision about changes to your website without being informed.

So do yourself a huge favor and go to Google Analytics right now, sign up, and add that code into your website.  It’s free, and it takes just a couple of minutes.