Webmaster Tip: Page Titles

One of the biggest disservices you can do for your website’s ranking is to not tailor your page titles to what it is on your page.

And we see this time and time again where website operators will have had their website online for years, and not change the home page title from the boiler-plate “Welcome”.

You see, the page title, what you see in your web browser’s tab, is incredibly important.  Search engine’s use this to display your page in their results pages.  They also use it to correlate relevancy with search key terms for your web page.

But if your only word in your page title for your home page is “Welcome”, you’re shooting yourself in the foot!

An example of a better page title would be:

“Bob’s Plumbing and Heating”

An even better page title might be:

“Bob’s Plumbing & Heating | Springville, State | Heat Pumps, Plumber”

You don’t want to keyword stuff your page title too much, but if that is what you do, and that is where you are located, and Heat Pump installations  and and being a plumber are your primary business, then say so.

In actuality, you should try to limit your page title to 65 words or less.  First of all, that is about the length of the link that search engines such as Google provide in their results pages.  But also, you don’t want to water down the importance of each keyword in the title.

And you should do this with each page in your site!

For example, instead of “Contact Us”, you should change it to “Contact Us | Bob’s Heating and Plumbing | Plumber | Springville ST”

Why?  Because if someone types into Google “Plumber in Springville ST” then your page will have keywords in the title that at least match some of what that user is searching for.

There’s a whole bunch more you can do to optimize your pages for search engines, but if you do this one small task for each of your pages, it could make a huge impact on how you are listed in the search engines.