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Art-supplies Web Templates
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Mobile: Art-supplies Web Template
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  • Release Date
    October 27, 2020
  • Designed For
    Expression Web 1/2/3/4
    Dreamweaver CS3,CS4,CS5,CS6+
Hex HD
Software Requirements
  • To edit the Website Template, you must have one of the following:
    • SharePoint Designer 2007 (no longer recommended -- Expression Web 4 is now available from Microsoft for free)
    • Expression Web
    • Dreamweaver CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC (Creative Cloud), CC 2014, CC 2015
Web Server Requirements
These requirements are for the base web template.
  • Minimum Web Space: 50MB
    (add more if you have lots of photos to display)
  • Special Server Technology: None Required
  • Web Server Type: Any
  • Special Note: Template will not run as expected when using a web hosting solution that adds advertising to the top of the page (normally with free hosting plans).
    We we reserve the right to not support web template technical issues on products that are deployed to 3rd party web servers that display advertising at the top of the page.
  • What is included when I purchase a Web Template?
    You will have access to download a ZIP file containing the type of website template you purchased.  Depending upon the package, this may or may not include a pre-built website. You may also optionally, depending upon the package you purchased, have access to download a ZIP file containing any master source graphic files.
  • Can I change the colors in the website template myself?
    Source files are provided in certain packages.  If you have a professional level of experience with the latest versions of Adobe Fireworks, you can modify the .png source files provided.  There is no support or instruction, however, provided for the modification of such items. We recommend that you find a template that you like the layout and color of.  If you're set on a template that isn't in the color choice that you're interested in, you can hire us for a colorization customization.
  • Can I change the pictures myself in the website templates?
    Yes, everywhere you see a "photo" of some sort or another, such as in the large image slider, you can change yourself. You do not need additional software, it is as simple as dragging new photos into the template. You may need to resize the images you intend to use, to match the size of those used in the template or theme.  If you do not have photo editing software, we can resize your images for you for no charge.
  • Are the images shown in the demo included?
    Yes.  All of the images that we use in our Generation 10 products are either Creative Commons, Public Domain, or specifically licensed for use within our templates. If you have specific questions about the usage of the included images, please contact our sales or support team.
  • What kind of support can I expect after I purchase?
    Most purchases include one year basic support.   Basic Support includes 24/7 access to all online support material, and support ticket submission. Basic support does not include telephone support. Support Tickets are answered Monday through Friday (except for holidays) 9-5 Pacific Time.  Turn around time for Basic Support inquiries can be 3-5 business days.  If you wish Priority response (within 24 hours), you may upgrade your support request for a nominal fee. The range of topics that Basic Support ticket inquiries are limited to the functionality of the stock (unmodified) product, installation of the product into supported website editors, and installation of website modules onto support web hosting platforms. If you require support outside of our "Basic Support" mandate, (such as, you want to do something not covered in our help materials, or do not have the skills to complete a task), then your request will be subject to some sort of support fee.
  • Can I call in and have someone walk me through updates over the phone?
    We would love to be able to entertain this option, however, as we are just a small team and due to the price we charge, we cannot field technical support questions over the phone.  Over the years, we have experienced a range of situations (nearly everything) which ultimately take much more time over the phone than through a support ticket. We understand that everyone wants the answer, and they want it ASAP, and feel that a telephone call should be the quickest way to resolve said problem. Telephone calls require us to wait for you to complete certain tasks (uploading files so that we may see them, or responding to instructions during an online meeting), all of which could have been completed via instructions that we provide during individualized support response.  If we were to include telephone support for our software, cost for support would balloon (and subsequently the cost of the product). Instead, we ask that you submit your issue through a support ticket via your account, and then follow our instructions (as often we have already answered them in a corresponding help topic) which are often provided as a video response walking you through step-by-step what do do.  We ask that you do leave a daytime telephone number in the even that we do require clarification on something in your ticket.
  • Can website plugins/modules/apps be added at a later time?
    Yes, absolutely.  Often you can purchase them directly through your account product management page.
  • If I can't do it myself, will you make the changes for me?
    We have a number of customization services that you can hire us for -- everything from image slideshow resizing/naming, website colorization, site setup, to content transfer.  Please check out our customization services page for more details.
  • How many pages will come with my website template?
    This depends on what package you choose, and from which Generation. Generation 9 templates include a pre-built web with around 8 pages included. Generation 10 have three package types (basic, standard, pro) each with a different set of pages.  Basic (home page layout, minimized page layout) has a basic starter web of about 5 pages, Standard is a more standardized package (home page layout, secondary page layout, minimized layout) with about 8 pre-designed pages.  The Pro package is an enhanced Standard package, with other optional page layouts.
  • Can I still use my current hosting provider?
    If you are planning on just using one of our website templates, any hosting company will suffice. If you are planning on using one of our server-side website plugins, then you will need to make sure you are on a Unix/Linux web server running Apache 2 (with mod_rewrite enabled and .htaccess files) and php5/mysql5 and php short tags enabled. If WordPress is available from your web host, then our WordPress themes should work with it. If, for whatever reason, your web host can't satisfy the hosting requirements for website plugins or WordPress, we do offer our low cost hosting services to you, but you are in no way required to us them -- you may use any web host you like.
  • Do I need an editor to update the site?
    Yes.  Just like you need "Word" to edit a "Word" document.  You will need a "Web Editor" to edit our "Web Templates".  We recommend the following: Microsoft Expression Web 4 (free download available from Microsoft) Adobe Dreamweaver (free trial available from Adobe) We no longer recommend Microsoft FrontPage or SharePoint Designer 2007 (as they are now both 6+ years old and no longer conform to today's web standard)
  • Is this an annual or one time fee?
    The prices listed are a one-time license fee. We do have a "subscription" program available (which discounts the price of the template drastically) which is available as a monthly or yearly program, however we do not require you subscribe.
  • Are updates made on my computer, or through your system online?
    All updates are done via your website editor, and then published (ftp'd) up to your web hosting provider. If you do not yet have a web hosting provider, you can sign up for hosting with us during checkout (plans start at just $4.95/month).

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