Understanding Your Visitors for Better Conversion

When revamping, upgrading, or renovating your website, you absolutely must re-evalulate your ideal customer/buyer/visitor persona.

If you don’t know what an ideal customer persona is, it is essentially a description of your ideal customer, one who values your product or services, that somehow helps you achieve your end goal.

Now, you may actually have multiple customer personas, each with different needs, wants, and desires.  It is absolutely imperative that you understand who your ideal customers in order to effectively first target and market to, and then have a website that delivers what they need.

For example, say you had a holistic pet food store, specializing in all natural, specially tailored foods for cats and dogs.  Right there, you have two unique types of customers: dog owners, and cat owners.  Both are concerned about their pets, and are willing to spend top dollar for the best possible, balanced diet, for their cherished furry companions.  Understanding who your ideal customers are, you can begin to build your business and marketing appropriately.

You can also properly build out your website.  And this is a very important key point.

If you market your product to a particular segment, but your website doesn’t match that particular customer’s needs, wants, and desires, you’ve just wasted a boat-load of time, energy, and money on your marketing.

Many do-it-yourself website operators believe that how THEY want their website to operate is how their customers need and want it to operate.  In reality, website owners need to really dig down and take a good hard look at your customer personas, and then determine what is important to those ideal visitors.

If you’re going to be marketing to Millennials, it is important to do your market research to find out what device they are likely to be using to browse your website.  If you’re targeting the 50+ crowd, should you be providing links front and center to your research and benefits, or to your “about” and “contact” pages.

Every customer type is different, but understanding who you’re targeting is the first step to building a successful website.  Because, while you may think your preferences for your website are what should be built out, in reality, you may not be your own preferred customer.

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