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    Designed for the web template user in mind, our web hosting plans were put together so that you won't have to spend a lot to get your website online.

    Powered by our WebTemplateHosting.com sister-site, all of our web hosting plans run on Linux, and can be administrated through our specially designed control panel.

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    • Prices from $4.95/month
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    These Web Plugins are built specifically for a Linux/Unix based web server running PHP, mySQL, and the ability to use .htaccess files.

    With twelve server-side apps to choose from, these power plugins can add great functionality to your website at a low cost.

    Bundle with a Web Template

    You can now PRE-bundle our Numo Web Plugins with any of our Generation 9 Web Templates -- the plugins will be installed directly into the template package, and styled just like the web template, all for NO EXTRA CHARGE!

    All you have to do is 'add functionality' (either on the catalog page, details page, or demo page) -- the price will automatically be adjusted and you can choose any combination of Generation 9 Web Template and any or all Web Plugins!

    How cool is THAT!

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Support Center

Find the support you need for products and services available from i3dTHEMES.

Choose the product you need help with, and we will walk you through the steps of making typical changes to the stock product.
Product Instructions & Tutorials

Product Type Topics
Web Templates 13
Generation 9 Web Templates 195
Chapter 1: Website Name/Logo Components 29
Chapter 2: Working with Pages 20
Chapter 3: Copyright Information 4
Chapter 4: Top/Side Menu 21
Chapter 5: Bottom Links 8
Chapter 6: Zoom Menu 9
Chapter 7: Global Info Boxes 4
Chapter 8: Flash Portfolio 15
Chapter 9: Non-Flash Portfolio 15
Chapter 10: Split Image Rotator 8
Chapter 11: Themed Object 6
Chapter 12: MP3 Player 9
Chapter 13: AddThis Bookmark 4
Chapter 14: Social Networking Icons 7
Chapter 15: Site Search 2
Chapter 16: Time/Date 8
Chapter 17: Image Rotator 14
Chapter 18: Icon Links 3
Chapter 19: Scroller Menu 1
Chapte 20: Vimeo Video Page 4
Chatper 21: Latest News Scroller 2
Chapter 22: Advertising Space 2
Generation 10 Web Templates 212
Stuff You NEED to Know 27
Chapter 1: Logo/Website Name 18
Chapter 2: Working with Pages 18
Chapter 3: Top/Side Menu Components 20
Chapter 4: Global News Boxes 18
Chapter 5: Social Networking Icons 7
Chapter 6: Advertising Section 9
Chapter 7: Nivo Sliders 18
Chapter 8: Themed Object 12
Chapter 9: News Ticker 14
Chapter 10: Footer Section 12
Chapter 11: Google Site Search 8
Chapter 12: Image Menu Component 9
Chapter 13: Mega Menu Component 9
Chapter 14: News Viewer Component 4
Chapter 15: Parallax Slider 4
Chapter 18: Accordian Component 5
Generation 8 Web Templates 2
Generation 7 Web Templates 1
Generation 6 Web Templates 5
Synergy SERIES 1
Energy SERIES 1
Generation 5 Web Templates 8
Confidence SERIES 1
Vista SERIES 2
Horizons SERIES 1
Regenesis SERIES 1
Generation 4 Web Templates 40
Waves SERIES 7
Axiom SERIES 2
Endeavor SERIES 1
Odyssey SERIES 8
Ingenuity SERIES 3
Atmosphere SERIES 6
Integrity SERIES 11
Generation 3 Web Templates 53
Intrepid SERIES 3
Ion Storm SERIES 3
Amplitude SERIES 1
Heavy Metal 2 SERIES 6
Heavy Metal 3 SERIES 4
New Wave SERIES 8
Sonic Interchange SERIES 14
Fire Fight SERIES 1
True Blue SERIES 1
Golden Opportunity SERIES 1
True Silver SERIES 1
Savvy Professional SERIES 8
Generation 2 Web Templates 36
Radar SERIES 5
Global Vision SERIES 10
Business Advantage SERIES 5
Heavy Metal SERIES 9
Fusion SERIES 5
Game Tourney SERIES 1
Generation 1 Web Templates 3
IT Business SERIES 1
Tech Office SERIES 1
Web Plugins 1
JS PhotoGallery 1
Numo 1
Accounts 13
Account Groups 4
Individual Accounts 5
Components 4
Guestbook 5
Manage Settings 3
Placing Components 1
Managing Responses 1
Listing Service 9
Create a Listing Type 1
Manage Listing Types 1
Create a Listing 2
Placing Components 1
Manage Settings 1
Manage Contributors 3
Listing Service PRO 9
Create a Listing Type 1
Manage Listing Types 1
Create a Listing 2
Placing Components 2
Manage General Settings 1
Manage Contributors 2
Whois Online 2
View Online List 1
Manage Settings 1
Access Control 2
Restricting File Access 1
Components 1
Help Desk 7
Create Support Form 1
Edit Support Forms 2
Placing Components 1
Initiating a Ticket 1
Managing the Ticket Center 1
Managing a Ticket 1
Calendar 7
Create Calendar 1
Manage Calendar 5
Placing Components 1
Form Wizard 8
Create Form 1
Manage Forms 5
Placing Components 2
Content Wizard 5
Enable Image Upload 1
Create Content Section 1
Manage Content Sections 2
Placing Components 1
Newsletter 11
Enable Image Upload 1
Configure 1
Manage Subscription Lists 2
Manage Subscribers 3
Manage Newsletters 2
Placing Components 2
Shopping Cart 15
Enable Image Upload 1
Create Product 1
Manage Products 5
Manage Categories 2
Manage Settings 2
Enable Order Recording 1
Review Orders 1
User View Components 2
Blog 9
Enable Image Upload 1
Create A Blog 2
Manage Your Blogs 4
Placing Components 2
Web Ballot 4
Create a Poll 1
Manage Polls 2
Placing Components 1
Settings 4
Updating Settings 3
WordPress Themes 1
WordPress Tour 1
Basic User Guide 10
Introduction 1
Installation 3
Basic Settings 1
Creating Pages 1
Editing Pages 1
Managing Sidebar Widgets 1
Portfolio/Rotator Images 1
Special Components 1
In More Detail 2
Widgets 1
Images 1
FAQs Last Updated
What generation does my product fall into ? 2006-02-17
How are the different generation of products defined ? 2006-02-17
My form page does not work 2006-03-03
My Bookmark or Add To Favorites button doesn't work. 2006-03-24
Where can I go to get help for FrontPage ? 2006-05-22
Generally speaking, the generation of products are as follows:
  • G1 - Products released about 2001
  • G2 - Products released about 2002
  • G3 - Products released about 2003
  • G4 - Products released about 2004
  • G5 - Products released about 2005
  • G6 - Products released after March 2006
  • G7 - Products series released after September 2006
  • G8 - Product series released after December 2007
  • G9 - Product series released after September 2009

To find out specifically which generation of product your template falls under, search on "what generation is TEMPLATE NAME ?" where TEMPLATE NAME is the name of your template (ie, Global Vision, Vista, etc)

1st Generation

Fairly simple layouts with some use of Flash (animated with Swish) animation.

Normally these templates are packaged for FrontPage 2000 and 2002 only -- upon request we can repackage them so that they will install into FP 2003 or Dreamweaver.

2nd Generation

These templates use quite a bit of Flash (using Swish) animation and often come with an intro of some sort. In order to update the flash in these templates, you will likely need Swish 2.0

These templates are likely packaged using an installer that often has problems installing into FP 2003 or for Dreamweaver. If you find that your template does not install (and you're using FP 2003 or DW), please let us know and we will repackage it for you.

3rd Generation

These templates are very flashy. Generally speaking, they use a lot of flash animation (Flash and Swish mixed) and often require Swish to edit some of the menu buttons along with external text files.

4th Generation

All of these template use EXTERNAL files to configure the flash movies. This means you do not need Flash or Swish to update the images or text in the flash movies.

5th Generation

This is the first generation that all use the same internal structure in their flash movies. This made for less support required as only one set of tutorials were required for the whole group of products.

These templates use external images and external text file configurations for the flash portions which make updating the flash portions easy to do.

6th Generation

Even more structure, even more flash. This architecture uses external image files and configuration files loaded into the flash.

7th Generation

Just when we though we couldn't possibly refine web templates any more, we came along with our 7th iteration which are more Dreamweaver and Expression Web ready. Most of these templates include validated code.

8th Generation

Again, another revision, which focused this time on optimization of code, validation of html and css, and unformity of structure between sites.

This generation included a photo gallery in most templates.

9th Generation

Coming late 2009, the Generation 9 series of products have the most robust and carefully refined instruction set we've ever done.

Along with validation and optimization, the G9 products use an "infinite" menuing system, and flash image portfolio. We highly recommend this series of products.
About Form Pages

We've provided some additional tools for your website, the contact_us.htm page, and it's partner the contact_confirmation.htm page. We've included these pages to help you gather information from your visitors, and save or send that information to a text file for later review, or an email address for immediate notification.

When a visitor submits information on the contact page, they have the opportunity to review that information via the confirmation page! Nice and professional.

Although form pages are really the best way to collect information from your visitors, there can be a bit of a learning curve to setting them up. So we've built the form pages to work with FRONTPAGE and FRONTPAGE server extensions. So all you really need to do, is enter an email address into the form properties, and maybe edit the 'form fields' to gather specific information from your visitors.

There are limitations to the included form pages.

  • They will only work if published to a server that has FrontPage extensions installed
  • You MUST publish the website using the FrontPage Publish Site option located in the File menu of FrontPage.
  • Form pages can only be 'tested' on a live website.
  • We have tested the form pages to ensure they are set up and functioning.
  • Any issues you may encounter, will most likely be an issue with the server or the FrontPage extensions on your server.
  • Please read on to see how to set up your form page and how to publish to your server.
  • My form page doesn't work!
    • First, make sure you've entered your email address into the form properties
      • open your form page
      • right click inside the form (click close to a text box field)
      • select Form Properties
      • enter your email address
      • give the Form a Name (optional)
      • click OK
      • click: NO (if editing on a local PC)
      • save the page
        • click on the File menu in FrontPage ( >> )
        • click on Publish Site...
        • for FrontPage 2003 users select the 'FrontPage or Sharepoint service' option
        • enter your complete URL in the 'Remote Web Site Location' field (http://wwwi3dthemes.com)
        • enter your username (provided by your hosting company - be aware of case sensitive characters)
        • enter your password (provided by your hosting company)
        • click the PUBLISH button (lower right corner for FrontPage 2003 users)
    • FrontPage FORM pages WILL NOT work on a local website
    • You MUST first PUBLISH the website using the FrontPage publish site option
    • FORM page WILL NOT work if published via FTP

      The FrontPage form pages (contact_us.htm and contact_confirmation.htm) are included FREE of charge, as they connect to your web server through the FrontPage Extensions. FrontPage extensions are included with MOST hosting accounts FREE of charge. You may need to contact your hosting company to activate the Frontpage Extensions on your hosting account.

      The INCLUDED form page on the contact_us.htm page, and the contact_confirmation.htm page are for FrontPage websites publishing to a server with FrontPage extensions ONLY

      If you are using a program other than FrontPage OR you are publishing your website via FTP, you will need to contact your web host to determine how to set up the form handler for your hosting account, or purchase an optional Form Handler Module from Luckymarble.

Unfortunately, a key piece of code has been left out of some pages of some of the templates.

Make sure that the following line of code is in the <HEAD /> portion of your page:

<script src='javascript/special_functions.js' type='text/javascript' language='javascript'>

A special note: Bookmark or Add To Favorites buttons will NOT work on the website when you're working on it locally -- only when the website is live on the web.
The best place to find help for FrontPage is at the Microsoft Website: FrontPage Assitance from Microsoft.com


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