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    About Our Web Hosting

    Designed for the web template user in mind, our web hosting plans were put together so that you won't have to spend a lot to get your website online.

    Powered by our WebTemplateHosting.com sister-site, all of our web hosting plans run on Linux, and can be administrated through our specially designed control panel.

    Hosting Details
    • Prices from $4.95/month
    • Get two months FREE when you sign up on a yearly plan
    • FREE yearly domain name (.com, .info, .biz, .net, or .org) registration included on yearly hosting plans for the life of your plan
    • Powered by Linux
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    About Our Web Apps

    These Web Plugins are built specifically for a Linux/Unix based web server running PHP, mySQL, and the ability to use .htaccess files.

    With twelve server-side apps to choose from, these power plugins can add great functionality to your website at a low cost.

    Bundle with a Web Template

    You can now PRE-bundle our Numo Web Plugins with any of our Generation 9 Web Templates -- the plugins will be installed directly into the template package, and styled just like the web template, all for NO EXTRA CHARGE!

    All you have to do is 'add functionality' (either on the catalog page, details page, or demo page) -- the price will automatically be adjusted and you can choose any combination of Generation 9 Web Template and any or all Web Plugins!

    How cool is THAT!

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What products are considered Generation 4 ? 2006-02-17
I made images to load into the flash movie but they don't work. What do I need to do ? 2006-02-22
This is an example of how a test mod would work.


This is something that can come afterward.
There are two possibile causes for this situation...

  1. Chances are, you're using Adobe PhotoShop or JASC PaintShop Pro.

    The problem with these two photo editors is that their default export setting is as a "progressive" JPEG -- unfortunately Flash cannot load "progressive" JPEG files.

    The solution is simple though, just find the location in either of these programs (likely when you go to save or export the image) and make sure it is either set to "non-progressive" or turn "progressive" off.
  2. On the off chance that #1 doesn't fix it, you may want to make sure that the file name matches the filename in the config file (if you can specify it in the config file) or the original file name.

    Keep in mind, upper and lower case absolutely matters on a unix/linux server -- we suggest ONLY using lower case for all file names anyway.


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