The Squirrel Hunter - The Interactive #83

The Squirrel Hunter – The Interactive #83

It’s a real struggle in this business, to get ANY work done, when you are filled with passion about what you do, and can see opportunities with emerging technology and concepts everywhere you go.

Every single day, we see posts about new web design concepts, new ways of optimizing code, new methods of making websites load faster — and it’s like being a dog in a park full of squirrels.  I feel I’m a dog.  In a park full of squirrels.

I am a squirrel hunter.  Woof!

But seriously, it can be pretty challenging to stay on task.  I have a “squirrel list”, as I call it, a list of priorities, that we’re working on for April.

I can’t tell you how excited I am ’bout some of these concepts.  Actually, I’m squirming to geek out about them.

WOOF!  [chasing tail]

One squirrel at a time!