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    Designed for the web template user in mind, our web hosting plans were put together so that you won't have to spend a lot to get your website online.

    Powered by our WebTemplateHosting.com sister-site, all of our web hosting plans run on Linux, and can be administrated through our specially designed control panel.

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    These Web Plugins are built specifically for a Linux/Unix based web server running PHP, mySQL, and the ability to use .htaccess files.

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    Bundle with a Web Template

    You can now PRE-bundle our Numo Web Plugins with any of our Generation 9 Web Templates -- the plugins will be installed directly into the template package, and styled just like the web template, all for NO EXTRA CHARGE!

    All you have to do is 'add functionality' (either on the catalog page, details page, or demo page) -- the price will automatically be adjusted and you can choose any combination of Generation 9 Web Template and any or all Web Plugins!

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Corporate Policies

Be informed, and know what our policies are on a range of topics by reading below.

Terms of Service and Support

Terms of Service and Support


This is the "Terms of Service and Support" policy for products and services provided by Lucky Marble Solutions Corp (hereafter referred to as LMSC).

Table of Contents

  • General Terms
  • Products and Services covered under this policy
  • Acceptable Use Guidelines
  • Support and Service Restrictions
  • Definitions
  • Governing Law
  • Disclaimer of Warranty

General Terms

  • The download, use, or purchase your product or service indicates your acceptance of this agreement.
  • LMSC reserves all rights not expressly granted herein and the right to update this sets of terms at any time.

Products and Services Covered Under This Policy

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Website Templates
  • WordPress Themes
  • Database Enabled Website Modules
  • Web Hosting
  • Server-Side Subscribed Services
  • Any other product or service developed or given by LMSC or any of its developers

Acceptable Use Guidelines

Being polite and courteous is a requirement of all correspondence done with LMSC. You will attract a much better response being gracious than if you were to be belligerent.

We reserve the right to limit the service or support we offer to you, which could include the termination of our relationship with you, without any compensation to you (this includes revoking any possible reason to issue a refund), should your behaviour, in corresponding with us, meet any of the following reasons:

  • Use of any rude, vulgar, lewd, or profane language.
  • Issuing threats of any manner
  • Being aggressive or belligerent in any way

Support and Service Restrictions

  • Basic (included) Support for the product is limited to 12 (twelve) months from the date of purchase, unless on a subscription plan.
  • Priority Support is an extension of Basic Support, which moves your ticket into a priority status for review. Priority Support does not guarantee that your request will be honored if it does not fall within the specifics of "Basic Support".
  • Support of products using dynamic content source files (included, but not limited to: .swi, .fla, .php, .asp, .mdb), such as flash components or database applications, is limited to unmodified source files. We cannot support or give advice for files or sections of files once, one or more of those files have been modified by the customer. Example, if you modify a dynamic .php or .asp file in a database application, we reserve the right to limit support to only those sections that we deem completely unrelated to the section that was modified.
  • We will not provide support if the user should change their graphic display resolution from the default setting to a custom setting. This specifically refers to the DPI setting which should be set to 96dpi (by default) and not a higher dot-per-inch resolution. See this link for instructions to make sure the dpi is set to 96: click here
  • Services included with the purchase of the product, such as free text logo modification, must be redeemed within 12 months. After 12 months, that service will no longer be redeemable and if requested will be billed for at our regular service rate.
  • We reserve the right to decline any customization request outside of the free text logo or graphic logo insertion.
  • Support for the product is invalidated if the customer is using a "cracked" or "pirated" piece of software. We absolutely will not help anyone who does not have a legitimate copy of the web editor software as "illegitimate" copies of web editor software will not be compatible and will break our product. If it is determined that you have edited our product with an "illegitimate" copy of your web editor software, we will not issue any further support unless you were to re-start your website from a fresh copy of the template, and with a fully legitimate copy of your web editor application. If it is determined by LMSC that you are using a pirated copy of your web editor software, and that we have spent any quantity of time trying to debug the template due to the software not being "legitimate", any further support will be billed at the appropriate rate -- this is non-negotiable.
  • We are not responsible for troubleshootng third-party plugins/scripts/widgets that you hav added to your product or site that may conflict with our product.
  • We do not provide warranty that our product will work with other third-party scripts.
  • If the software does not work in mobile or tablet view in the original online demo, we are not responsible for making it so.
  • Any text updates once a project has began may be charged for -- you will be notified in such a cse.
  • We are not responsible for SEO content or performance of your website in seach engines -- if we are performing a content transfer, we will make every effort to transfer title tags, meta data info, and heading tags, however it is your responsibility to hire an SEO firm to confirm that your site is Search Engine Optimized.
  • It is your responsibility for storing a backup of the updated website files or create a copy of the website.
  • If you are a developer having the website updated on behalf of your client, changes to the website based upon your clients feedback will be charged for.
  • You are responsible for ensuring text content and images are within the licensing agreement of the original provider
  • We do our best to ensure code is up to date, however new tools are developed regularly to evaluate the performance of websites. The files that we supply to you are provided as-is and without warranty of performance of any third party tool that we have not checked the product against ourselv.
  • We are not responsible for how you are ranked by search engines (example: "Google", "Bing", "Yahoo", etc). You may hire an SEO firm to market your site for the search engines if your placement in search engines is important to you.
  • Any quote provided by us is guaranteed for 14 days after the contract has been sent. After 14 days, we reserve the right to modify the agreed to price.
  • Refund amounts are limited to the price of the product only -- once a service has been agreed to and paid for, the service does not qualify for a refund.


Support (Basic Support)
Support, or "Basic Support" is defined as the service provided to ensure that the product or service that was purchased operates as is advertised in our online demos, and in our online tutorials.
In the case of a web template, web module, or WordPress theme, such that:
  1. The stock product (unaltered) installs in those editors we advertise it works with 1, and
  2. The stock product (unaltered apart from provided instructional based changes) can be modified as per the instructions, resulting in an appropriate resulting change 2
In the case of web hosting, or web (widget) service, such that:
  • the service runs as advertised and demonstrated
  • 1: This level of service is provided via an online e-ticket or by phone
  • 2: This level of service is provided via an online e-ticket system ONLY
Knowledge Base
The 'Knowledge Base' (or KB) includes Tutorials (video and written) and FAQs.
E-Ticket System
An online system of messaging housed accessible from within your account. We do not communicate via traditional email as your issue may be passed along through several different representatives before finally being answered.
Telephone support is available only for installation issues. Should you call on a non-installation issue, you will be directed to log in to your account to initiate a e-ticket so that your issue can be routed to the most qualified individual, which in most cases is the engineer of the product or service.
Support/Service Expected Turn Around Times
Due to varying volume of requests for assistance, and also due to the priority of your request, it may take 2-3 business days before your question is addressed. Our team reviews and answers questions between regular 9am-5pm business hours Monday through Thursday, and 9-2:30 on Friday. Times are Pacific (-08:00 GMT)

Governing Law

  1. This agreement shall be governed by International Copyright Laws, International Treaty Provisions and the laws of Canada
  2. By accepting and installing any product purchased from LMSC, you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this license. If you do not agree to these terms, do not download, install, copy, or use this product.

Disclaimer of Warranty

  1. All products and services, in part or in whole, are sold, or in some cases given away, "AS IS" AND WITHOUT WARRANTIES AS TO PERFORMANCE OF MERCHANTABILITY OR ANY OTHER WARRANTIES WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.
  2. Because of the various hardware and software environments into products from LMSC may be installed, and your ability to use and understand the operation of your computer and installed software, NO WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OF ANY KIND IS OFFERED.
  3. The user must assume the entire risk of using the product.
  5. LMSC is not responsible for the user's level of ability to use the software required to modify or use products sold by LMSC.
  6. The user must assume responsibility for understanding any software or web hosting requirements prior to downloading the product. Requirements are posted on the product details page found at the i3dTHEMES.com storefront.
  7. Unless express written statement is given by a representative of LMSC stating that LMSC will be hired for services, THE USER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL MODIFICATIONS OF THE PRODUCT. The only provision to this rule is in the case of the standard "Free Text Logo" modification for website template products which is a standard "explicitly promised" service.

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