Pegasaas Accelerator Google PageSpeed Optimization

What to do when PageSpeed Optimization is ‘all Greek to you’.

If you’re running WordPress and want to have your site optimized for Google PageSpeed, you probably realize how technical it can be.

Well, if PageSpeed Optimization is ‘Greek to you’, you’re going to get some heroic help from our latest service.

We are incredibly excited to announce that the WordPress plugin for automatic Google PageSpeed optimization is going to leveraging a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that we’ve been developing.  This SAAS is called Pegasaas, and it’s going to make your WordPress site so much faster.

And it’s so easy to set up.  Basically all you do is install the plugin, and watch your PageSpeed scores start to improve.

So, while Pegasaas will launch with just the Accelerator plugin for WordPress, we have plans to develop additional services geared websites better and easier to manage.

PPegasaas Accelerator - PageSpeed Optimizationegasaas Accelerator will begin taking reservations for new signups at the end of August.  Those who sign up early will have the privilege of being included in our “Founder’s Program” which will include a number of perks and features not immediately available to the rest of the world.

We developed Accelerator to run adjacent to Pegasaas because many of the mechanisms that are involved in PageSpeed optimization take serious server resources.  One of the issues with running an entire PageSpeed optimization application on the server that you’re running the website on, is that it slows down the server and you demerit points for a “slow server response time”.

We realized that if we off-loaded the major optimization tasks to a different server that acted as a workhorse, then we could keep the site that is being optimized running super fast.

Below is an example of one of the operations that Pegasaas handles, the detection of critical above-the-fold CSS.  Just one of the many different aspects of PageSpeed Optimization, knowing what the critical above-the-fold CSS is, so that it can be later injected into the “head” region of your page, is an extremely difficult task to do manually.

Critical Above the Fold CSS Detection

Pegasaas can detect and respond the back critical above-the-fold CSS for a page in just seconds.  Combine this mechanism with the “deferral of rendering blocking resources” and you can instantly boost your Google Page by up to 15 points.

We’ll be releasing additional information about the Founder’s program, along with additional benefits and features of the system, over the next couple of weeks.