It’s What We’re Passionate About – The Interactive #85

It’s the end of the week. How is it Friday afternoon already?

It’s not that we don’t enjoy the weekends, but we also wish there were more hours in the week to get done what we are really passionate about. And when Monday morning rolls around, when the feet hit the ground, they hit the ground running.

Monday is about throwing your jersey on and you get to play for the dream team — it’s our passion.

We hope that you get the opportunity to love what you do. This week in the design lab, Colin made great progress with the Oxygen WordPress theme — we’re now in the final stage of development where we package the product up and do final testing. We should see it hit the catalog by mid May, but possibly sooner.

In the code lab, we’re putting the finishing touches on Pegasaas version 1.6. This next minor version release has a lot of under-the-hood improvements that focus on data delivery. Check out this week’s video for the full breakdown of what we’ve been up to.