i3dTHEMES Interactive 67 - One way small businesses can mitigate the loss of Net Neutrality

One way small businesses can deal with the fall of Net Neutrality [Interactive #67 – S2E15]

As an important a message as I’ve made yet, now more than ever it is increasingly important to ensure your websites performance is super optimized. With the fall of the Net Neutrality protections yesterday in the USA, the future of whether Internet traffic will be throttled is uncertain.

As if it wasn’t already important enough to ensure your website is highly optimized for performance, what with your google search ranking, your bounce rate, and your pay-per-click quality scores all based off of how fast your website loads.  Now, with the fall of the protections of Net Neutrality yesterday in the USA, about the only thing that small businesses are going to be able to do to try to keep their websites from appearing too slow to their consumers is to ensure they are highly optimized.

To find out if your website is already optimized, head over to https://pegasaas.com/ and scroll to the bottom where we have a tool that you can use to get your PageSpeed score.