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Out with the old, in with the NEW! [Interactive #56 S2E4]

New projects, new template, new server, new critical path css rendering engine, new plugin interface…!

The phones have never been this busy at this time of year.  If we had a chance to take your call this week, thanks so much for calling.  If we missed your call, we’re sorry we missed you — it’s just been crazy busy here!

Colin has just about finished up his Karma website template.  We will move into the final testing phase next week, at which point we should be able to everything tidied up for launch possibly by the end of the week.

Our primary server migration is nearly done.  Just a few small settings to tweak over the next  week or so.  We’re blown away by the speed of this new server — benchmarks have it at 20-50 times as fast as our old server.  Overkill?  Nahhhh… no such thing.

And Pegasaas is going back into BETA after having had the BETA suspended due to the server migration.  We should have the “first flight” of Pegasaas Accelerator by October 15th.  If you’re not on the reservation list for the first flight, and you have a WordPress website, you should get yourself on it.  It’s no obligation, and no cost, to get on the reservation list.