Numo 2017 Website Plugin Platform Now Available

Numo 2017 Website Plugin Platform Now Available

We are extremely excited to announce that NUMO 2017, the biggest upgrade to our line of website plugins since 2013, is now available!

Numo 2017 Website Plugins

What is Numo 2017

Numo 2017 is a completely re-imagined interface for our wildly popular server-side website enhancements. If you’re unfamiliar with our line of website plugins, NUMO was developed to enhance websites with dynamic server-side scripting. The platform allows a web developer or webmaster (perhaps such as yourself), with no dynamic scripting knowledge, to easily insert dynamic components into web pages, and manage those components via a web interface.

Numo 2017 Preview Watch the Preview

What’s New

Numo 2017 goes well beyond a cosmetic upgrade, it places the administrator’s user experience (UX) front and center. Everything in the control center is focused on helping you the administrator manage your site with those items that need your attention.

  • Admin UX Centered Redevelopment
  • Drag & Drop Dashboard Tiles
  • Always-On-Top Top-Bar Showing Important Updates/Whois Online
  • Multiple Styles — Stylize the Dashboard with one of five different color schemes
  • LiveChat Integration — Easily and quick in integrate the LiveChat third-party solution into your site
  • Numo University — Get and Request Tutorials right in the Numo Dashboard
  • Feature Suggestion — Suggest a Feature directly through the Numo Dashboard

What’s Coming

In addition to these new UX features, Numo 2017 adds new technology that allows for a set of brand new series of plugins to be developed, the first of these will be Accelerator which is designed to boost your page load and render time, by focusing on the recommendations of Google PageSpeed Insights. To learn more about this extremely powerful plugin and how it can help you, check out our Accelerator information page.

How To Upgrade to Numo 2017

Numo 2017 will be included with any new Numo purchase, or, you can upgrade directly through your Numo dashboard. If you have your “home page offers” enabled, this upgrade option should show up at the bottom of your dashboard. If you have this option disabled, go to the System menu, and choose Site Settings to enable the “Show Home Page Upgrade Offers” option. If you do not have this option, you may need to run an update first on your dashboard via the “System Update” feature available in your dashboard.. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to call us: 1-866-943-5733.