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Numo 2017 – Upgrade Coming Soon

Last Friday, during our weekly webcast, we let slip that Numo 2017 is in development and slated for a November launch.

What is Numo 2017

Numo 2017 is a completely re-imagined interface for our wildly popular server-side website enhancements. If you’re unfamiliar with our line of website plugins, NUMO was developed to enhance websites with dynamic server-side scripting. The platform allows a web developer or webmaster (perhaps such as yourself), with no dynamic scripting knowledge, to easily insert dynamic components into web pages, and manage those components via a web interface.

The last time we developed an upgrade of similar magnitude was in 2013 when we upgraded the administrative interface to use the mobile responsive Bootstrap framework.

User Experience

But Numo 2017 goes well beyond a cosmetic upgrade, it places the administrator’s user experience (UX) front and center. Everything in the control center is focused on helping you the administrator manage your site with those items that need your attention.

New Plugins

In addition to these new UX features, Numo 2017 adds new technology that allows for a set of brand new series of plugins to be developed, the first of these will be Accelerator. We spoke at length about Accelerator in last week’s Friday Recap webcast. To learn more about this extremely powerful plugin and how it can help you, watch our webcast.

How and When To Upgrade

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing more details about the new and exciting features of this platform, along with how you will be able to upgrade any existing Numo systems to the new framework. This information will come through our weekly webcasts, as well our email newsletters, and blog posts.