Now Accepting Webmastering Clients

I can’t believe how many times a week we hear about how someone can not get a hold of their webmaster.  Their webmaster won’t return their phone calls.   Or, their webmaster has left town.  Or, their webmaster has allegedly died.  Died?!

Seriously, are there really that many unreliable webmasters (read: unprofessional webmasters) that can’t:

  1. answer an email
  2. answer a phone call
  3. do the work they were contracted to do
  4. do the work they were contracted to do in a reasonable amount of time

Seriously, where do these people get off giving the rest of us in the industry a bad name?  Surely, it can’t be because the clients are THAT demanding.

In any case, in response to all these requests we’ve had lately (it’s not like we weren’t doing the work already, we just didn’t have the plans set out), we’ve set up a number of plans based on the following:

  1. what small business really need
  2. how much time they typically would need per month
  3. restrictive budgets
  4. what the rest of the market is offering

So we took at look at what the “professionals” were charging (and I use the term loosely) for some pretty basic plans and said “seriously?  you’re charging THAT much?”  We figured we could do better.

Check Out Our Plans

You can sign up for monthly, yearly, or quarterly plans.  Bigger price break on the quarterly and yearly terms, but we recommend the quarterly plan for most individuals.

But here’s the deal.  We’re only accepting a limited number of clients, as we are committed to not overbooking ourselves.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking “yeah right, you’ll take as many clients as will want to sign up” Not true.  We will only take on what we can handle.

And right now, we’ll be evaluating our commitment levels on new signups daily as we reserve the right to shut down the new signup at any time.  Right now, we have room.  Next week, maybe not.

So if you need to have your website managed, visit our webmastering plans page.  Each plan includes web hosting and domain name registration.  Some of the plans even have roll-over hours (you can roll them over to the next billing cycle).

Don’t delay on this one, because when the signup is closed, it’s closed.  If you have any questions at all, feel free to call us toll free 1-866-943-5733.