The Need for Speed - The Interactive #76

The Need For Speed – The Interactive #76

Because the speed of your website is paramount to its success, Heracles, Apollo, and Zeus want you to try out Pegasaas.

In fact, we’ll be launching built in CDN (Content Delivery Network) to Pegasaas next week, for the Apollo/Zeus plans.

And, with Pegasaas now supporting multi-site installations, you can offer it to your web development clients as a service with little overhead. Website speed optimization is going to be extremely important and Google moves to make speed a ranking single for their mobile index come July.

Make sure your WordPress website (or those of your clients) is up to speed. If you don’t know what your speed is already, check out

And if you’re running a traditional website (such as one developed in Dreamweaver or Expression Web), we also have the Numo Accelerator website plugin available here: