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What Do I Need to Do to Get a Website Built — Questions to Ask When Hiring a Web Developer

Cry, pout, stomp your feet.

No, these are not things that you need, nor should do, to get a website built.  Unfortunately, at times it can seem like that’s what you end up doing when you try to get your needs, never mind wants, when it comes to your website.

Not all web developers are created equal.  Just remember that.

But, neither are all web developers fly by night or all style and no substance.

So when getting yourself a web developer, you really need to do some research ahead of time.  I’ve got a list of tasks and then questions you can do to find yourself a good one — one that you’re going to sing praises about.

Make A List (Of Developers)

This is where you find someone local.  You can either go to your local yellow pages, or you can google “web developers in [your town] [your state/province]”.

Check It Twice (Do Your Research)

Go through the first two pages, and find at least three that meet the following criteria:

  • Do they have a Facebook page and are they active and engaged on it.
  • Do they have a Twitter profile and are they active and engaged on it.
  • Do they have a Blog where they are sharing information, regularly.
  • Do they have a kick-ass website themselves, and is it mobile responsive
  • Do they have a portfolio of equally kick-ass sites they have done, that are also mobile responsive

Find out Who’s Been Naughty or Nice (Do More Research)

Go through their social media profiles, looking for negative mentions, as well as any online reviews (Yelp, Google Business Page).  You want to get a feel for whether or not your potential web designer is legit.

They likely will have lots of glowing reviews on their website, and in most cases if they are active on social media, they’re going to be attentive to their customer.  They won’t want any bad press, so they’re much more inclined to be on top of any issues should they ever arise.

Are they getting Coal in their Stockings?  (Interview Them)

Yeah, okay, so it’s a bit of s stretch to fit with the whole “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town” vibe I had going on there… but really, you need to interview your potential web developers.  Set up your interviews, and make sure you ask such questions as:

  • How much is it going to cost?
  • What is the turn around time for start-to-finish completion?
  • When can they start?
  • How many years of experience do they have?
  • How many sites have they done?
  • Do they also offer ongoing maintenance/webmastering? (this may be something you are interested in after the project is done)
  • What rates are involved with ongoing maintenance/webmastering?
  • What platform would they put the website on? (WordPress, traditional website hosting, Shopify, etc)
  • Do they also do web hosting, and domain name registration? (if you do not have that arranged already — remember, you can usually host wherever you want)
  • Do they have a list of clients that you could talk to as a reference
  • Ask them to describe a situation where something went wrong with one of their clients and how they resolved it
  • Ask them if they provide training on using the site (if it is managed online) after it goes live, so that you can manage it yourself.

Be sure to cover your website needs.  You should have an idea ahead of time what it is you want your website to do.

Unwrapping Your New Website

We sure hope you find the web developer that you can sign praises (not just Christmas melodies) about once your project is done.

If you want to shortcut the research phase, though, we of course can help you with all of your web development needs.

Just give us a call toll free at 1-866-943-5733 and we can go over what your needs are.