Most Awesome Feature Ever - Web Performance

Most.Awesome.Feature.EVER – The Interactive #99

If you’ve heard me talk about web performance optimization, you’ve probably picked up on my comments that images are the BIGGEST bottleneck for slowing down the load time of your web page.



Which is why the “image optimization” feature of Pegasaas is probably one of the most important aspects of it’s makeup.

But until this week, there was a small aspect of image optimization that had been not yet attended to.

You see, Pegasaas Accelerator can automatically resize images, provided there is a width and height attribute applied to an IMG tag.

But if there is no width and height attribute, if the dimensions of the image are larger than the container on the web page that it sits in, you could be penalized for un-optimized images.

That is, until now.

You see, this last week, we developed out the most super awesome feature ever: Auto Image Sizing.

Auto Image Sizing automatically looks at all the images in your web page and determines the appropriate width and height, automatically.


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