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Mobile Responsive Video — Is Your Website Ready?

Thanks to the rise of mobile devices, websites have had to become more agile over the last few years.  Since, right now, more than 50% of google searches are done on a mobile device, you’re now going to start noticing  a traffic drop off if your site isn’t mobile responsive.

This actually isn’t big news any more, or at least it shouldn’t be.

What IS astounding, is that between 2019 and 2020, it is projected that 90% of all traffic on the internet will be video.

Robert Kyncl from YouTube did a keynote in January 2016 and discussed how digital video will win the decade.

How crazy is that!

Cisco projects it’ll come a little sooner than YouTube predicts, but it doesn’t really matter if it’s 2019 or 2020.  What matters is whether you’re ready or not.

Are You Ready?


It’s totally awesome — that is, if your site is using a Bootstrap mobile responsive framework.  You see, over the next few years, more and more focus will move to connecting with your website visitors with on-page video.

This is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of being ahead of your competition by using the “responsive embed” mechanism in the Bootstrap framework — this utility, that comes with every bootstrap mobile responsive design, easily enables you to wrap your video with a little bit of code that automatically resizes for whichever devices is viewing your page.

See How


Now, if you don’t have your site updated to a design using the bootstrap mobile responsive framework, you’re not too late to the game.  But you really should get on this.

As I said in my video, it could mean the difference between being ahead of your competition or playing the catch-up game.