This here is the MO’ VOTE! [Interactive #64 – S2E12]

We’re nearing the end of Mo’vember, and I wanted to poll everyone to find out if I should shave it off, grow it out, or bring back the beard.

In other news, Pegasaas ( is now in Second Flight, nearing full public release on December 1st. It’s been 8 months in the making, and it is wickedly awesome.  I’m so stoked to release this to the public at the end of next week.

Once we’re launched, I’ll be working on releasing some great information on why PageSpeed is such a critical step in optimization, as well as a bunch of how-tos.  So stay tuned for that.

And we’ve launched the third template in three weeks, called Adama!

If you need to upgrade your website so that it is mobile friendly, or you know someone who has an old school website, Adama would be perfect to bring that website into the modern age.