What to do when you launch an app, and it doesn’t work for your very first sign up.


That’s what I did a week back when I got our very first support message, for our very first app signup for our Tipify app for the Shopify marketplace.

Seriously, couldn’t it just work, just like all of the different scenarios I had run it through, for at least he very first sign up?  Nah, the universe doesn’t work like that.

Sometimes, you just have to cut your teeth on the cold hard gristle of reality.  No matter how much testing you do, someone will find a way around all of your inventive checks and balances.

So the story goes, I got an email while settling down for a bit of evening TV — NCIS was the plan — someone had signed up for Tipify, but it wasn’t working.  Should I leave it for the morning?  No.  Absolutely not.  Someone willing to send in an email deserves to get, at the very least, a response saying “we’re looking into it!”.

You see, that’s often the difference between keeping the sale and losing out.

To say it was a piece of cake to figure out what was going wrong would be incorrect.  It actually took about an hour and a half of re-coding.  We hadn’t taken into account those themes that use an AJAX powered side-cart.

But by the end of the night, I had configured and reconfigured the system to make sure it worked for this customer.   Now, restaurantpm.com (a fine looking Chinese food restaurant in Montreal) uses our Tipify app to prompt customers to “tip the driver” when placing an online order for  delivery.

I guarantee you that if I had not answered that message, lickity-split, that we would not have kept that customer.  When it comes to apps, there is always someone else’s app out there to try if yours doesn’t work at first go (or are willing to respond in record time to a support email).