Interactive 60

Keep Plugging Ahead (Interactive #60 – S2E8)

We are significantly drier than this time last week.  Last week was our bi-annual golf tournament, and we just so happened to pick the one of the rainiest weekends of the year to play.  While Friday was definitely not nearly as wet as Saturday, it still took some effort to get through the game.  After all was said and done, Colin’s team took the trophy for the weekend with an outstanding score of -6 of two days of golf.  While I played well overall, the conditions ended up not working in my favour.

And then the weekend was over, and we were back at development in the design and code labs at i3dTHEMES.  Let’s just say that Monday and Tuesday were a little… rough.

But, we are excited to say that we have the Karma template in the hopper, and ready to be launched on Tuesday.  Colin is just finishing up a few more colors, and then we’ll send out a newsletter to let you know that it’s in the catalog.

We’re also pretty thrilled that Pegasaas Accelerator is making great strides in the beta-testing phase.  We’ve installed it to and have boosted the score from 77 to 99/100.  It took less than 5 minutes to do all of the calculations and have the site fully optimized.

If all goes according to plan, we’ve got another two weeks of beta testing to do, and then we’ll make Pegasaas Accelerator ready to our First Flight reservation list.