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Loud and Proud

Short weeks — both a blessing and a curse.  We love spending time with our families, but when it comes to getting development done, the loss of that one day sure can put things on hold.

Monday was a holiday here in Canada — Victoria Day — where we celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria, who reigned the British Empire (and by proxy she was our Queen) for most of the 1800s.

And it was super nice having an extra day this weekend as the family all pulled together to help move my father who was downsizing and moving 80% closer to us.

But taking that extra day off sure cuts in to the development schedule.  Normally Tuesday is a development day, but it ended up that both Colin and I spent most of the day answering support questions that accumulated from the long weekend.

And then of course we had our couples therapy session with “Dr Green” — yes, we were able to end the day off with a beautiful nine holes at the local golf course.

The rest of the week was back on track though — Wednesday saw the launch of a major client project that I have been working on for several months.  This project was the redevelopment of a sit using WordPress — and one thing became apparent when I went to do final testing… third-party plugins, and the internal WordPress image manipulation system can really bloat your images.

Of course, this is extremely important when trying to optimize your images so that your web page loads faster — because speed matters!  I have been working on the Accelerator WordPress Plugin for the last couple of months, and I realized when doing this project how easy it is going to be to instantly optimize images, HTML, CSS, and Javascript for WordPress sites once.  And, also how much it is needed.  I literally spent an hour trying to figure out how to manually optimize the bloated images that WordPress kept creating.

Thursday and Friday here in the code lab as been more continued development of the Accelerator WordPress Plugin.  I just finished up the CSS deferal system, and have moved on to the the critical CSS injection feature — this is where Accelerator makes it so that when it defers the laoding of CSS for the WordPress site, that you don’t get the dreaded Flash of Unstyled Content.

Just because of a few high priority projects that took precedence over development the last few weeks, it looks like it might be now early August before we’ll have the Accelerator WordPress Plugin ready — but mark my words, it will be worth the wait.

Over in the design lab, Colin has been juggling a number of different projects — some client projects, some development.  He’s continuing to work on the Cinematic website template, and he’s nearly done the content creation and formatting of the Home page.  Crossing fingers for a mid-June launch of that.