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Un-boxing is so much fun! [i3dTHEMES Interactive #37]

There is nothing quite like opening up a highly anticipated package.

We had a couple of “un-boxings” here at i3dTHEMES this week that were pretty awesome.

In the code lab, I received a brand new streaming camera called the Mevo.  This slick little camera takes high def video that streams directly to LiveStream, Facebook Live, Twitter or Periscope.  It gives the end user the ability to zoom in or out and pan just using an accompanying iPhone app.  We’re using it in the code lab today to film our weekly Facebook Live version of our Friday interactive.

So that kept us busy early on this week, while we played with that new toy!

Also, I released an article on the History of Page Speed.  In it, I covered where we were ten years ago, and how things have changed when it comes to making sure your web page loads fast.  If you get the chance, you should check it out.

Work continues on the development of the Accelerator WordPress plugin.  We’re in the final stretch for completing the features, before we move on to testing and interface development.

In the design lab, Colin shared with me an actual working version of his new design called “Cinematic”.  In fact, he let me help him with a pretty cool animation effect that will be used in the home page header.  The new design is sporting some really innovative content sections, and background styling.

He’s hoping to have all but the cinemagraph header completed by the end of next week.  Looks like a mid or early June launch for this design.