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i3dTHEMES TV://interactive 35 – Time at Warp Speed

Some weeks just fly by, at warp speed.

I was shocked to look up at the clock a few minutes back to learn that somehow Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and most of Friday had already slipped past…

what.. the..

Seriously, when you are so entrenched in something you love to do, hours fly by at light speed.

And that’s not a bad thing.  We actually find the fact that Friday arrives so quickly a bit of annoyance — we have so many projects on the go, and we never seem to get as much done as fast as we’d like.  Such is life.

This week in the code lab, I’ve been working on the WordPress plugin version of Accelerator and its interface.  Next week I’ll begin migrating much of most complex functionality.  But as of today, we have eight of twelve features 90% operational.

In addition to working on Accelerator, I’ve been facilitating the migration of another of our hosting web servers.  Contracts were signed for the new hardware last week, and now the migration of the files and databases from the old unit to the new unit has begun.  I’m hoping that the initial data sync will be complete by Monday so that we can do the go-live event on Tuesday.  If we can’t get it switched over by end of day Tuesday, we’ll hold off on the migration until the following Monday — due to a request from a client of ours who is a florist to not have their website interrupted, being that this next weekend is Mother’s day.. which tends to be a busy day for florists.

Colin, in the design lab,  has tidied up the HTML template for the new design.  He’s finalized the mockup and exported the graphics in preparation for the next part of the build phase where he links all of the graphics to the CSS.