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i3dTHEMES TV://interactive 32 – Speed is Everything

We’ve been talking about this for a while now, but it’s really something that we think it’s important to hit home about — when it comes to your website, speed really is everything.

This is, of course, why we’ve been hammering on the concept of optimizing your website for faster loading.  We’ve been able to do that with the development of our Accelerator website plugin that takes the recommendations of Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, and automatically optimize the entire site.

Earlier this week, I was speaking with a client about the benefits of optimizing for Google PageSpeed vs just concentrating on the actual load time of your server.  And in truth, the actual speed of your web server is extremely important — it isn’t something that should be overlooked.  If your web server is super slow, it doesn’t matter how much optimization you do to your pages, your site is still going to be slow.

But, optimizing for just server speed is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting and keeping people on your site.  How the browser renders the content and loads it into the page, is also paramount.  The search engines all want to make sure that their search results are going to be great results, for both desktop and mobile.  And if you’ve got a slow loading page that has 25 CSS and Javascript files, and 5MB of images, and takes 15 seconds to render… well… you get the idea. Again, this is why we built the Accelerator website plugin.

Funny enough, on the topic of server speeds… we’re actually upgrading the hardware of our client servers over the next month.  The first migration to new hardware for our Thetis server should happen within the next week.  If you’re on that server, you’ll get a notification about the expected migration date.  But the new hardware is incredibly fast — we’re moving from dual-core CPUs to hex-core, and from traditional hard drives to solid state drives.  I can’t WAIT to see how much faster the websites that we host are going to load.

In the code lab, the development of the WordPress plugin version of Accelerator is well under-way.  The first third of the features have been completed within the framework of the WordPress plugin, and so we’re ahead of schedule at this point.  The next two thirds of the features are a little bit more complicated, but we’re still aiming for a July 4th launch of this version of Accelerator.

Colin, in the design lab spent most of the week choosing the design elements and User Interface for the new template design.  he researches different types of designs for a new template, then he looks through his “catalog of inspiration” for UI design and see how he can create his own.  With cinemagraphs being one of the central feature sin the new template, he needs a header and content design that will support that — so it’s like a jigsaw puzzle.  He takes all of his inspirational elements and starts to piece them together for an overall design.