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i3dTHEMES TV://interactive — Rapid Development

We are totally killing it this week here in development of our respective projects!

Colin has finally let me in with what the heck “cinemagraphs” are.  Mind blown.  It’s freaking crazy!  If you go to flixel.com, you will see some examples of what cinemagraphs are.  He’s also given me a sneak peek  into the basic layout of the new design (which he hasn’t yet code-named) that he’s been working on, and it looks amazing.

We were able to sneak out Tuesday afternoon after our projects had finished up, to meet up with the group that we regularly golf with — this is the same group that participates in bi-annual tournaments and raises money for different charities (while having a boat load of fun).

I told Colin that he should take some video while I was teeing off, and turn it into a cinemagraph… he said “no one wants to see that kind of waggle”… not sure what he means by that.

Anyway, for the rest of the week, while I wasn’t hunting down lost golf balls, we were in full development mode with the Accelerator WordPress plugin.  And let me tell you, the time spent on it was super productive.

We were able to actually get features that were slated for completion NEXT week, done already.  So we’re already about a week ahead of schedule.  We’re thinking that official launch will be the first week in July — that’s up for change, but that’s the target.  That gives us 12 weeks of development time.