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i3dTHEMES TV://interactive 30 — “Return to Design and Development Mode”

Every day is, more or less, design and development mode here at i3dTHEMES.  But this last week of March we started design and development of two new projects.

In the design lab, it has been a week of catch-up, with many smaller projects that, have been waiting in the wings, finally making it onto his planner.

In addition, Colin started his initial design work on a new website template this week.  That this stage of development, he is in the researching and planning phase for this new design.  One of the design principles that he will be working with is called “cinema graphics’, which is basically taking a still photo or video and animated just part of the image.  It has a great effect and can bring some life into a stock photo.  He plans to feature this on the home page’s main theme focal point.

In the code lab this week, I shared a “geek out” video about a side project I’ve been interested in for some time.  If you’re interested in robots, and have a lawn that you’d rather someone else cut, check out my video.

Also, we started work on the WordPress plugin version of Accelerator.  There are a few plugins out there that do some aspects of what Accelerator does, but are not consistent in their execution, and don’t pull all the pieces of the puzzle for PageSpeed optimization together.

And this is so key, because PageSpeed optimization is the new SEO.  There was an article at Entrepreneur that says just that.  If you neglect this one metric, you could find yourself lower in the search engine rankings than those of your competitors that have a better PageSpeed score.

And that is why we are building a WordPress version of our hugely successful Accelerator website plugin.