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i3dTHEMES TV://interactive 29 – “Tough Problems and Simple Solutions”


Sometimes the hardest problems have the easiest solutions, which is why you should never give up.

Working through a problem, just putting in the effort and persevering through whatever challenge you’re up against, whether it’s in working with your website, or in business, or in life, is key.

Difficulties usually just don’t solve themselves.

Case in point, this week, I was up against some nagging and challenging issues with a few obscure conditions that we encountered with rendering of CSS with Accelerator.

I mean, this was some really obscure stuff.  Situations that would occur in so few situations in real life, but were encountered on a few sites we’ve deployed Accelerator to.  We couldn’t ignore them, but in truth it was like putting 99% of your effort into coming up for a solution that would affect maybe 1% of situations.

But you know what, the solution was three lines of code.  Just three!

It’s like the saying about pop music: All it takes for a winning song is three chords and the truth.  But I digress..

So what I’m getting at is, the solution actually was pretty straight forward once we dug into the problem.  But it took a lot of digging, and a lot of working the issue, to come up with the solution.

But the solution would never have come if we hadn’t put the work in.

And really, it’s like that in anything worth while in life — you gotta put in the work.

And man oh man, Colin Fraser in the design lab put in the work this week.  He’s been assembling 23 articles with a total of 34 video tutorials just for Dreamweaver, and another 20 to be recorded next week for Expression Web — it’s all for his RASA tutorial and design series.

We shared his first video yesterday from the series where he does an introductory to the Getting Started tutorial which we released to our blog this week.   I know I’m not alone in saying that we’ve been looking forward to having him share his immense experience with this tips, tricks, and insight series.

Next week, we’ll begin our work on the Accelerator WordPress plugin.  As optimizing for Google PageSpeed is becoming an essential aspect to all websites, we expect that the WordPress plugin will be as popular, or more so, than our website plugin.