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i3dTHEMES TV://interactive 28 – Tea and Toast

Well, in a complete opposite to last week, this week was a little less productive.  I had to take some time off for the first half of the week as myself and my family came down with the dreaded winter flu starting last Friday.  It was horrific.

I was the last one to get it, so while most everyone else was back to normal by Monday, I was still out of commission until Thursday.

That doesn’t leave me much time to get much development done.

Luckily, Colin was a total machine this week manning the phones and the support mostly by himself.  He’s told me that next week we’ll start releasing his new set of articles and tutorials.  In addition, we’re having to start booking new smaller project request for May and that may possibly even slide to June — just simply due to the number of large projects we have on the go.

But, while I was taking a few days to recover, I was till planning how development for the new Accelerator WordPress plugin was going to proceed.  I still have about a week of tweaking with the website plugin version of Accelerator before we say that we’re done this phase of product development and move on to the WordPress platform…  but we’re nearly there.

So what I wanted to ask you this week was, if you are using the WordPress platform, what are your favorite WordPress plugins to use, and why?  Is it that plugins functionality?  Is it its usability?  Do you like the interface?  Are there any plugins out there that you love the functionality but don’t like the interface, and vice versa?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on that type of platform, so that we can take your feedback and keep it in the back of our mind for when we go to develop our Accelerator WordPress plugin.