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i3dTHEMES TV://interactive #27 – Accelerator and SuperSubmit Improvements

Some weeks just fly by, and it seems like you got nothing done.  This was not one of those weeks.  This was a hugely successful and busy week.

Both the design and code labs have been busy with customer request this week, which is making this March look like it will be the busiest we will have ever had for custom projects.

Colin has been busy working up his tutorials and the framework for his tutorial and design series.  He shared a brief look at one of the pages and it’s looking great.  I don’t know when he’ll have it all ready for launch, as he plans on releasing it in phases, but it should be soon.

In the code lab this week, we saw huge advancements with the Accelerator google page speed optimizer application, with it reaching 100/100 for a number of sites that we tested with.  We’ve deployed the new mechanisms to the update server today, so if you have this application, feel free to go and grab these updates.  We’ll be running further tests next week, but we expect by the 15th we’ll consider this phase of development of Accelerator complete.  Then, beginning the 20th, we plan to begin work on the WordPress plugin version of Accelerator.

To top that all off, we added a new feature to SuperSubmit PRO.  The Professional plan now supports the new Google Invisible reCAPTCHA.  It’s pretty sweet, and does not require the user to click the little “I am not a robot” checkbox unless they are showing suspicious activity.  It’s really quite a nice new feature, so if you’re one of those running SuperSubmit PRO, you can enable this feature by going to your form settings and select the Spam Protection tab, and select “Yes” for Invisible reCAPTCHA.