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i3dTHEMES://interactive tv #26 – half a year of streaming video

Well, this is an exciting milestone! As we do our 26th week of  streaming webcasts, it marks a half a year of us connecting with you LIVE.

And I’ll be honest, it’s one of those things that I look forward to every single week — and not because it marks the end of the week, but that helps to facilitate us sharing information and interacting with our community of followers!

There have been weeks where I’ve gone off a script, and others where I’ve just winged it.  It has evolved from me having a shaved head and face in August, to me with a crazy big beard and in dire need of a haircut in December… to… well… today.   I think we’re heading back to where we started as we move out of winter and in to spring.

But this is really something that we love to do — and Colin is going to be getting on board with streaming webcasts as well.

In fact, this is something that every business that is online should consider doing.  As the consumption of video online becomes more and more normalized, it will become almost expected that there is some sort of video on your home page or Facebook feed showing your visitors what you’re all about.

In fact, a little later today, I’ll be “directing” my wife’s first Facebook Live video in her studio — she’s a florist and she and her girls are prepping for a very large event that happens next week.  I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to show her Facebook followers what life in a flower shop is like.

In any case, getting around to what we’ve been busy with at i3dTHEMES this week…

In the code lab, the focus has been on getting the last 5% of Accelerator completed — we have most sites running at about 95% for most pages running Accelerator.  We’ve made some progress, but truthfully, the last 5% of any project is often the most difficult.  Once we’re happy with these last few techniques, we’ll be getting started on the WordPress plugin version of Accelerator.

In the design lab, it has all been about client projects — Colin has been completing a number of very large website setups and content transfer.  In addition to all the custom work, he’s been writing his articles for his UI/UX design series which he will begin the  accompanying video casts very shortly.