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i3dTHEMES://interactive 24 – New Flagship Design

Once a year we launch a new design which is so unique and interactive that it becomes what we call our “flagship” design.  We’re thrilled to announce that Rasa HD, our brand new website template, has taken over from our hugely popular Blacktop XT design.

On Tuesday (February 14th) Rasa was released to our catalog in its signature color — you may have noticed we put up a photo gallery of the primary themes we released it.

On Thursday, nine more color options were released for Rasa into our catalog.

And then, on Friday, an additional set of 52 theme sets were added, bringing the total different types of available images to 57.  Together, with all the different color options, there are now 570 different variations of Rasa available to choose from.  570!

So, that’s what’s been keeping the design lab busy this week.  That, and the continued influx of requests for website setup and content transfers.  It sounds like we have about ten projects in the queue in the design lab right now.

In the code lab, we’ve been assisting in getting the files out to the download and demo server.  Truly, this week has mostly been about making Rasa available to download.

But, when we haven’t been getting Rasa ready for launch, we’ve been working on performance optimization of our Accelerator website plugin, and pre-development of the WordPress plugin version of Accelerator.

Yes, that’s right — the Accelerator WordPress plugin is on the schedule for development.  We’re going to perfect the website plugin first, but while we’re doing that we’ll be tweaking code that will allow Accelerator routines to be incorporated into a WordPress plugin.

There is no projected availability date for the WordPress plugin at this time, but it has been requested so many times since the initial launch of Accelerator, that we felt that the desire was great enough to warrant its development.

We expect over the next four to six weeks that we’ll have fine tuned the website plugin enough that we’ll be able to begin work on the WordPress version.