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i3dTHEMES://interactive 22 – A High Octane Week

High octane, that’s the theme of the week.  Great anti-knock properties, supercharged and dynamic.

We love a good story as good as the next guy — here’s one about Google PageSpeed scores.  As we roll out the first revision of two major components of the Accelerator system, we’re vetting many sites personally.  Earlier on this week we deployed the updates to one client who was getting on average of 93% for his pages.  Once the update was run, almost all of his pages were running 100/100.

The updates are not ready for full deployment yet, but we’re hoping by the end of next week that they’ll be a part of the update and download system of Accelerator.

But getting back to the high octane — we’ve been drinking WAY more coffee here this week, in preparation of the launch of what we believe will be our new flagship website design, RASA.

And Colin has been on fire with this one.  This week has been super productive, and I’m excited to say that the template is code-complete.  Animations and documentation are all that is left to finish up.  But code-complete means that it could technically be released today if it was non-animated.

So hold on to your hats folks, because RASA will be available in the catalog by end of next week.  Look to our social media channels for announcements about it.

Initially it will be available for Dreameaver and Expression web, and we’re hoping that it will also be available as a WordPress theme by end of month.

What we wanted to know, for those of you watching, is what is YOUR favorite website highlight color?  Red, blue, green, purple, burgundy?  Something else?  Do you like a BOLD look, or more subtle tones?  Please, use the little comment field below — we’d love to know.  We’re hoping to use your feedback to build out the first set of color variations that will be available for RASA.