How much will it cost to get a website built — Get the best bang for your buck.

The cost of getting a website built can range from near nothing, to near impossible.  It depends on a number of factors, and what I’m about to share with you will help shed some light on how much your project is going to cost.

Okay, lets get started with this.  Expect that there are three kinds of services: Good, Cheap, and Fast.  But you only get to choose two.  You’ve seen this type of thing before, but it is absolutely true.

Good & cheap: It won’t be fast. (You’re looking for quality, but it will be low priority)

Fast & good: It won’t be cheap. (You’re paying top dollar for quality and speed)

Cheap & fast: This is gonna suck.  It won’t be good.

So keep that in mind when you consider how much want to spend on your website.

Three Paths, Three Different Prices, Three Different Outcomes

So there are three general paths that you can take to getting your website built.

  1. Do it yourself (you’re it “Bucko” — you’re the go-to IT department)
  2. Do it with help (admit it, you need a little help from some pros to get the project on track)
  3. Fully managed (yeah, that’s right, you’re spending the cash, but you don’t need to know the difference between a HEAD tag and BODY tag)

The first route is going to be the least expensive.  If you’re doing it yourself, you’re not going to get an invoice from anyone.  It might not be the best looking result by the end of it, as you may not have the full-stack experience of a managed solution, but it will cost you a lot less.  May end up costing you in the end, but that depends on your skills.

The second route is where you’re going to get some help, maybe spend 50% of a fully managed solution to get the party started.  You’ll probably end up with a fairly decent looking site, but you’ll have had to put in some work in managing the day to day operations of it.

And the last option is where you just say “yeah, just do it, I have to concentrate on running my business, not building a website.”   It’s going to cost you, but you’re more likely end up with an awesome result.

Do It Yourself

So you’ve decide to brush off your “how to guides” and do it yourself.  Awesome!  Where do you start?  You start with a Web Template or WordPress Theme.  There are many different sources out there, but it is our recommendation that you first take a look at our own catalog.  You may find what you’re looking for right away.  If not, by all means, check out some of the competition such as Template Monster and ThemeForest.

This sort of solution will run you anywhere from $30-$100 depending up on the design and the features included.

Do It With Help

This is actually a very popular route.  Essentially, you start off with the “do it yourself” solution, as described above, but instead of actually “do it yourself”, you hire a web developer to do the site-setup and content transfer.  This can range anywhere from $400-$800 depending upon the number of pages you have to set up.

Once the project is completed, you would manage the site yourself.

Fully Managed

Okay, so this is where you call up a developer (see our Essential Guide to Those Who Have Never Had A Website).  In it we have instructions on how to go about determining what you need, and how to find a qualified web developer.

Keep in mind, GOOD/CHEAP/FAST.  You’re going to want to aim for GOOD/FAST or GOOD/MEDIUM TIMEFRAME.  You really don’t want the “CHEAP” to be in the equation.  It makes for a really bad result, or a long time frame.

Expect to pay $1000+ for a very basic site.  If you have more involved requirements, you could be looking at $3500-$5500.  If you’re want the moon, expect to pay $10,000 or more.