How Many Burners Are You Running On Max

How Many Burners Do You Have on MAX? – The Interactive #91

I took two weeks off — it’s the longest vacation I’ve ever taken.  And as a results, I was able to give up a few of my responsibilities.


[00:00:03] Hey how are you! I’m doing AWEsome!

[00:00:09] It’s Brandon Devnich here from i3dTHEMES with this week’s interactive number NINETY one — where we share what we’re passionate about and we’ve been working on in the i3dTHEMES design and code labs.

[00:00:19] Well it’s been a few weeks since I’ve checked in. I’ve taken a two week vacation, from June 6 through I think the 20th, and while I did intend to try to check in with my Friday videos… every time I went to go do them I was either out of range or in the middle of something. I’ll tell you about that just a minute.

[00:00:40] In any case, it’s been a fantastic three weeks and so here I’m going to get you caught up on what’s been going on with me what’s been going on with i3dTHEMES and Pegasaas.

[00:00:50] So.

[00:00:50] June 6, buddle the family up and we headed from Victoria, British Columbia, over to Vancouver, rented a motorhome and traveled 3000 kilometers over a course of 14 days. I think we had eight stops, camped a number of different place,s saw parts of the provinces British Columbia and Alberta that some of us had never seen before.

[00:01:16] In fact, one of my highlights was going to Lake Louise which is a very picturesque location that I’ve never been to snapped a few selfies and it was fantastic.

[00:01:30] I think if we had the time we could have probably spent two weeks alone in Banff. We took the boys to a place called Drumheller where they have the Royal Tyrrell Museum with all sorts of dinosaur bones and then spent some time in all camping. Saw Coyotes. Travelled through Alberta and saw giant wind turbines generating electricity and then back in through the Rockies. Camped in a number of different places and had a fantastic time. We built a lot of memories.

[00:02:06] But the first Friday, where I meant to check in, I was right in the middle of whitewater river rafting with my two boys and I thought maybe pulling out the phone and “Hey everybody, hows it going!?” Bloop! Maybe not a good idea. And the second time there was no cell reception where we were at. We were in the mountains and travelling, like lots and lots of hours in this motorhome, 30 foot sort of thing. It was a dollar per kilometers we were going up the mountain passes, but we had a great time.

[00:02:43] And then we got back and my inbox and my list of to do was so ginormous last Friday just there was no… Even… I was… I was just trying to doggy paddle to get out of… Just so much work to do.

[00:03:01] But while I was away Colin really stepped up and handled more or less like three times the normal volume of messages that come to me while I was away. For some reason it seemed like the weeks that I was away I picked just perfect because those are the weeks that everybody was sending and messages that were you know more or less intended for me. But Colin and learned a lot. He stepped up to the plate and really delivered on all that and there were a couple of things that required my assistance when I got back but now he did fantastic so hand that hat to him.

[00:03:42] Also Adam was handling all of the support inquiries and sales questions well as a way for the Pegasaas system and that really meant that I could focus in on having my two week vacation that I have I don’t know that I’ve ever taken two weeks off EVER. Like I mean EVER. So to be able take two weeks off without too much worry about what’s been going on at the office was a real treat.

[00:04:10] I’m very grateful for Adam and Colin and being able to take you know the hats that I normally wear and and look after that.

[00:04:18] And so you know this sort of leads me onto what you all the different has that we wear. Sometimes it just accumulates. One of these things that Colin has been doing, he’s actually taken on the role of, com he’s going to be doing sort of a rebuild of the home page re-structuring some information actually doing a redesign because you know the two of us he is the designer I’m the programmer.

[00:04:44] And when we started Pegasaas, when I started Pegasaas, I did the website. I did the API. I did the plugin I also did the support. And now I’m very grateful to now have Adam help me a take on support and you know the initial contact of clients. Colin handling a lot of support for the old Numo systems and WordPress as well as taking on the development and marketing, And that aspect of things and then that means that I get to focus in on one thing which is really and the development of the sorry, not, but rather the Pegasaas plugin which is the development of our automated WordPress website performance optimization.

[00:05:33] And it was, I don’t know, it’s almost 10 years ago I was in a meeting with a medical professional and we were talking about life balance. And he says you know life is often like a four burner stove. And you can have your work life, you can have that in high. And you have your personal life and you might be able to get that on high too.

[00:06:01] You put anything else on that stove, you get burner #3 and burnner #4 going, having anything too high, things are going to start bubbling over and you’re not going to manage your life and you’re going to burn out. Things are going to overflow and things that’s not going to be good for you know your community services or your hobbies.

[00:06:17] Very rarely can you have anything more than two on anything more than like an 8 if you know what I mean.

[00:06:23] And that also goes with your job and you can actually break this down into a number different things. But what research is finding is that multitasking, while it used to be this great skill you know how can you multitask new more than one thing at once. What it actually does is it it means that you’re doing many different things, not at 100%, and if you’re going to be dedicating some time to something you ought to be putting everything into it to make it as best as possible. Now it’s not always possible in all situations and in fact you know as in daily life you do have to multitask.

[00:07:04] But if you ever get the opportunity to stay focused on one task for longer you’re going to get a better result than if you’re trying to juggle eight balls in the air. The analogy follows through you know you’ve got one ball or maybe two balls it’s going to be easy to keep them from falling or losing track of one of them. When you have eight of them where you wear eight hats, as I was using an analogy for earlier, there’s possible trouble in here.

[00:07:33] And so now we’re at this phase where I’m able to dedicate more time towards Pegasaas, the plugin itself, and that means that the development of that is going to be more focused and although the features for performance optimization are more or less all in there, there’s not going to be much else that we’re going to be able to do to make websites faster. It’s not like you could make the load time be a negative score. A web page that loads in 1.1 seconds is pretty fast. There are going to be limitations to you know device load times. And you know bandwidth and that sort of thing. But more or less tackled just about everything that you can possibly tackle and now is going to be the refinement of the analysis of the data. How fast are your web pages and how much they’ve improved in any case.

[00:08:32] It’s really important to stay focused as much as possible and because of that since I’ve been back I’ve been able to get version 1.8 of the Pegasaas plugin out. And now I’m pretty excited about this. I normally don’t release software on a Friday. But first thing this morning I’m like I’ve tested this thing a number of different ways.

[00:08:57] Version 1.8 is now out.

[00:08:59] So 1.8 of the Pegasus system doesn’t have any critical performance features that may be different on different websites. It is an interface update. So now you have pagination. With pagination where you can switch through results on the overview page. We also have the ability to filter results based upon PageSpeed issues, such as you know Image Optimization or Minification or Browser Caching. You can filter down the pages that just have issues with just those items. There’s also the ability to specify if you want to display all pages and post or just pages or just posts or just a particular post type. And also the number of pages or a number of results displayed on the overview page.

[00:09:47] Really quite awesome.

[00:09:49] We also have finally implemented, and this has been a long time coming, a non-render-blocked version of Lazy Load. EVERY lazy little solution out there is built for a render block situation. So a slow web page. Where pages are slow because all of the CSS and javascript is rendered blocking, unless you have Pegasaas and we have made it so that your web page is what’s called non-render blocking. So the resources all load in behind the scenes in the page loads up instantly.

[00:10:25] However, Lazy Loading, because the page loads up instantly, it’s very hard to analyze which images are above the fold and shouldn’t be lazy loaded.

[00:10:35] Lazy Loading is where you only load the images on demand.

[00:10:39] And so we’ve built in a mechanism where we can specify “lazy load everything except the first 5 images or the first 10” or whatever we decide that or whatever YOU decide is an acceptable number and then anything else below that, after that, will be an image that lazy loads.

[00:10:58] What this means is that you can take a page that maybe has know like a gallery on it that has 50 images that are all below the fold and have them all lazy loaded, as well as having a non-render-blocked web page which means that loans fast because the non-render-blocking and loads fast as well because a whole bunch of images are not loaded that maybe you don’t need to be loaded.

[00:11:23] So we finally have that feature, and that was a long time coming. We spent a lot of time thinking about how to do that and so it was almost implemented before I went away on vacation. But we decided not to jump the gun and launch it. Wait till I got back did some more testing double checked it and then put it in with today’s release. So we did that.

[00:11:48] A couple of other things I want to share with you… Google Chrome 68 is coming out. I think we’re on 67 I just checked my versioning coming out very very soon and I’m sorry, I should Google this, is but probably within the next. I think they said Earth first week in July. Crome 68 is coming out. And in that if the Web page that you’re on is not using security certificates such as what we used to call an SSL certificate many people still call it that even though we don’t. SSL is the protocol. I’m not going to geek out about that but well I’ll call it the SSL certificate.

[00:12:28] The security certificate if it doesn’t have a security certificate it it’s going to be in red “NOT SECURE” and there’s going to be a percentage of your visitors that come to your web page and see “NOT SECURE” and going to freak out and back out.

[00:12:48] Now you may have a web page that doesn’t need to secure form data or anything like that. Doesn’t really matter, Google’s making a big push to say every web page should be secured because we want to end data security regardless.

[00:13:05] And so this is a big push to make sure all web pages are using some sort of secure to get installed on the web page. Now if you don’t have one yet if you go to and it doesn’t have a padlock that’s you unbroken… If it doesn’t have a padlock or isn’t you know green up there as secured… You really, really, really should move on this. Because there’s a big possibility that with this update and because Chrome is the dominant web browser you really — most people using are using chrome and is going to start saying your web page is not secure… You can see where this is going and if you’ve got a lot of people other like “oh no not secure that’s not good. I don’t want to go to this website”.

[00:13:49] So if you’re using our web hosting the security certificate is free. It’s included. We use an open certificate authority and that means that you just press a button and within 15 seconds your site has a security certificate.

[00:14:04] If you’re using somebody else they may charge you for it. It can be anywhere from $49 to $349.

[00:14:15] I would recommend that maybe not pay $349. If you can get away with a 100 dollars for a certificate and you’re not into switching hosting to a provider that includes certificates for free then $100 is not a bad cost.

[00:14:33] But really you should look at this. This is going to be very, very important. It is going to impact things. Google also, it is a small ranking factor whether or not you have a security certificate on all your pages.

[00:14:43] So I would recommend just do it, especially if you have access to a website that uses the open certificate authority called “Let’s Encrypt”, which we do, I would recommend taking a look at that.

[00:14:59] And that’s sort of in line with Google rolling out their mobile-first index which is happening pretty much as of July here. They’ve been they’ve been doing it in increments over the last couple of months with this as of July speed, the web page speed is a ranking signal.

[00:15:19] So if you have a really really really slow web site that’s going to impact where you are found within search.

[00:15:27] There’s a lot of big changes coming down for web sites and their performance and their security coming in July.

[00:15:34] Anways, that’s it for me. Thank you so much for joining me!

[00:15:37] And this weekend it’s a long weekend. I just remembered it’s Canada Day on Monday. No on Sunday [facepalm] Canada Day on Sunday which means we’re taking Monday off. That makes that the second, so July 4th being Wednesday? We are actually here because we’re Canadian.

[00:16:03] But for our friends south of the border that are celebrating Independence Day. Happy Independence Day to you!

[00:16:10] But yes we are taking a long weekend. But we will see you again next week.

[00:16:14] Hope you have great plans for the weekend and we’ll talk to you later.