Free WordPress Plugin: Recent Edits

Many inventions or developments are the result of some sort of necessity or frustration.

In the development of our most recent version of our WordPress Theme Framework (v4.2) that is a part of our latest generation of WordPress Themes, I finally got so frustrated with the WordPress dashboard not having any facility to quickly edit recently edited pages, that I wrote a plugin to add that functionality.

Recent Edits Screenshot

You probably are familiar with this type of functionality with such applications as Word, Photoshop, or just about any program that “edits” files.

To be honest, I’m surprised that this sort of functionality doesn’t already exist — WordPress has so many great features built in to the core.  Maybe they’ll consider this in the future, but for the being, you can have it here.

I’ll probably be updating it in the next month with more features (most recent posts, set the number of items to display, link color).  If you have any ideas for functionality you would like to see in this plugin, let me know.

FYI: This plugin is also included within our Aquila Framework WordPress Themes