Framed content for readability and SEO

Framed content is what you’ll find on an easy to read web page. If you’ve looked at any of our web template or WordPress theme designs you’ll probably notice a lack of overly sterile / white options. It’s not that I don’t like or appreciate the clean white look of some websites or templates, I just find them harder to read, as a visitor.

Framed content has been around for years

So now we jump into the crux of the post, what is framed content and how does it play into SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).

First framed content is not content that is loaded inside an HTML frame or iFrame. Framed content is a combination of headings,  easy to read text, images and video wrapped in a graphical presentation designed to grab your visitors attention, and allow for quick and easy digestion of information.

We see this all the time in print magazines and we’ve been using ‘Call to Actions’ in websites since the beginning. What we are seeing now is the emergence of content and graphic presentation and how it affects SEO.

Here’s an example of a web page that puts content framing to good use. Simple easy to read content on the left and an image on the right. A visitor doesn’t need to tweak their brain skimming through paragraph after paragraph. Here we have a nice easy to read section of page that is highlighted from the content around it making it easily stand out.

i3dthemes example of framed content
i3dthemes example of framed content

How does Framed content affect readability for SEO?

Search engines are at the point now where user experience is playing the most important role. If the user finds the content they are searching for then they have a better experience using that search engine.

If a user can quickly find the information they are looking for they will most likely spend more time on that web page. Time on page is key for search engine optimization. It’s not enough that people can find your website, they need to be interested in what your website says or does and spend some time on page. Search engines will keep this in mind when displaying results for your visitors search terms. Websites that can keep people on their pages longer may achieve better rankings than those pages that don’t.

Make it easy for your visitors to find your information

If your visitors find the content on your page easy to read, they will stay longer. If the content on your pages is framed, it makes it easier to find and read. This is why I suggest framing your most important content on your page. Most web templates include some sort of design style that allow for such things, and if you’re working with a CSS framework such as Bootstrap there are built in classes for Panels and Wells that help to frame your content.

Many designers my self included will add their own styling to the template and provide different means of presenting content that helps it stand out from the page. We include many options in our templates for framing your content, and in the standard and pro packages you’ll see we have many page examples included.

A key to designing content that is framed is to make it easy to read, and I can’t emphasis that enough “EASY” to read. Long sentences or run on paragraphs are not easy to read. Framed content allows the content to be broken up a bit, so the heading is clearly visible from the body of the text, and images and video’s play an important part of visually showing what that chunk of content is about.

I suggest you keep this for your most important content, so visitors can quickly find what they are looking for by simply scanning the page for headlines and headings.