Because FASTER is BETTER [Interactive #55 / S2E3]

We’re getting closer to the official launch of the Pegasaas Accelerator WordPress Plugin for Automated Google PageSpeed Optimization.

We had a pleasant surprise this week — the planned migration of the primary corporate server —  that houses i3dTHEMES, WebTemplateHosting, Lucky Marble, FireWidget, SuperSubmit, Server-Apps, and Pegasaas — got a jumpstart.  We didn’t expect the migration to start until this Friday, but it was started early on Tuesday.

That actually caused us to put the beta-testing of the Pegasaas system on hold for a few days while we are working on getting the new server all tested.  Once it’s ready to go, we’ll do a final data-sync and then push all traffic to it.

But the new server is ridiculously fast.  Like, in one benchmark we found that it is 50 times as fast as the current server.  50 times!!

And, it also looks like we have a new template design nearing completion — Karma.  We should have an update on the expected launch date of that by next week.